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Tuesday June 30, 2015


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Jun Summary Tables Charts simpleSimple EnglishAF AS EU NA OC
1500 M0.118,221113,661
Jun Summary Tables Charts enEnglishAF AS EU NA OC
1500 M216,758,3244,906,089
Jun Summary Tables Charts arArabicAF AS
530 M283,078373,566
Jun Summary Tables Charts esSpanishAF AS EU NA SA
500 M8771,7161,145,650
Jun Summary Tables Charts ptPortugueseAF AS EU SA
290 M5278,647878,859
Jun Summary Tables Charts frFrenchAF AS EU NA OC SA
200 M23571,5191,638,211
Jun Summary Tables Charts arzEgyptian ArabicAF
76 M0.12,56314,269
Jun Summary Tables Charts swSwahiliAF
50 M0.31,77829,153
Jun Summary Tables Charts haHausaAF
39 M0.01421,649
Jun Summary Tables Charts zuZuluAF
26 M0.0234782
Jun Summary Tables Charts omOromoAF
26 M0.1168784
Jun Summary Tables Charts lnLingalaAF
25 M0.02782,131
Jun Summary Tables Charts amAmharicAF
25 M0.273513,523
Jun Summary Tables Charts yoYorubaAF
25 M0.11,09631,176
Jun Summary Tables Charts igIgboAF
22 M0.01951,043
Jun Summary Tables Charts mgMalagasyAF
20 M0.21,00879,595
Jun Summary Tables Charts akAkanAF
19 M0.0143335
Jun Summary Tables Charts soSomaliAF
14 M0.51,0434,317
Jun Summary Tables Charts afAfrikaansAF
13 M23,71735,884
Jun Summary Tables Charts kabKabyleAF
8 M0.02522,613
Jun Summary Tables Charts xhXhosaAF
8 M0.4186515
Jun Summary Tables Charts snShonaAF
7 M0.12542,635
Jun Summary Tables Charts kgKongoAF
7 M0.0137923
Jun Summary Tables Charts stSesothoAF
5 M0.0122265
Jun Summary Tables Charts tnSetswanaAF
4 M0.590582
Jun Summary Tables Charts tsTsongaAF
3 M0.3136318
Only Wikipedias which contain 10 or more articles and which received 10 or more edits in last month are listed above
Not included: aa:Afarbm:Bambara, ee:Ewe, ff:Fulfulde, hz:Herero, ki:Kikuyu, kr:Kanuri,
lg:Ganda, ng:Ndonga, nso:Northern Sotho, ny:Chichewa, rn:Kirundi, rw:Kinyarwanda, sg:Sangro,
ss:Siswati, ti:Tigrinya, tum:Tumbuka, tw:Twi, ve:Venda, wo:Wolof,

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No data on this page have been normalized to 30 day months (as WMF does on certain traffic reports).
Wikipedias are initially ordered by number of speakers of the language

Speakers: Number of speakers of a language is the estimated total of primary and secondary speakers, is in many cases a very rough estimation (based on the page on the English Wikipedia about that language)
Regions are parts of the world where the language is spoken in substantial amounts (compared to total number of speakers). Regions where a language gained presence only by a recent diaspora are generally not included.
Region codes: AF:Africa, AS:Asia, EU:Europe, NA:North America, OC:Oceania, SA:South America, W:World Wide, CL:Constructed Language

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