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Saturday May 31, 2014
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Views/hrArticlesΣAll languages (17)Web site  Tables Charts
14,19520,298enEnglishWeb site Summary Tables Charts
3,70212,821deGermanWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1,2228,728esSpanishWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1,18615,059frFrenchWeb site Summary Tables Charts
87113,710plPolishWeb site Summary Tables Charts
7497,175ruRussianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
6124,869zhChineseWeb site Summary Tables Charts
5519,306itItalianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
4178,186ptPortugueseWeb site Summary Tables Charts
4153,730jaJapaneseWeb site Summary Tables Charts
37475,850srSerbianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1791,581arArabicWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1362,192caCatalanWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1282,305csCzechWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1081,436faPersianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
933,065taTamilWeb site Summary Tables Charts
821,473ukUkrainianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
Only Wikipedias which contain 10 or more articles and which received 10 or more edits in last month are listed above
Not included: bg:Bulgarianbs:Bosnian, el:Greek, fi:Finnish, he:Hebrew, hu:Hungarian, ko:Korean,
nl:Dutch, no:Norwegian, ro:Romanian, sd:Sindhi, sq:Albanian, sv:Swedish, th:Thai,

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No data on this page have been normalized to 30 day months (as WMF does on certain traffic reports).
Wikinews sites are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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