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Wednesday December 31, 2014
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Situs Wikispecial

413.31027.316.187commonsCommonsSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
8.729408.473speciesWikispeciesSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
4.59980.068incubatorIncubatorSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
3.501(7.784)foundationFoundation (!!Aug 2012!!)Situs web Summary Tabel Grafik
0.0021.158sourcesMultilingual WikisourceSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?17.148mediawikiMediaWikiSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?43.117metaMeta-WikiSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?16.667.230wikidataWikidataSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik

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Statistik untuk WikipediaSummary
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