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samedi 31, octobre 2015
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2 14831 358enanglaisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
1 26812 607frfrançaisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
5772 147esespagnolSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
47421 829deallemandSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
3575 983rurusseSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
3062 492ititalienSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
2263 438ptportuguaisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
1862 642betabetaSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
694 447cstchèqueSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
64540elgrecSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
34950slslovèneSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
32182jajaponaisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
31765svsuédoisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques
181 461fifinnoisSite Web Summary Tables Graphiques

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Note: Before the official launch of Wikiversity as a project, in August 2006,
some course materials were already produced on Wikibooks.
Wikistats pages that show monthly trends include that early history.

Wikipedias are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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