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Edit and revert counts for all 240 Wikipedias, since start of project

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Only article edits (namespace 0) are reported here, not edits on talk/project/media pages, etc

 Wikipedia  Edits since start of project  Reverts since start of project (SHA1) 
 Code  Language  Total  Registered  Anonymous  Bot  Total  Registered  Anonymous  Bot 
AbsRelAbsRelAbsRel AbsRelAbsRelAbsRel 
ΣAll languages1417.1 M751.6 M53%289.0 M20%376.5 M27%Chart        
enEnglish477.8 M294.7 M62%137.9 M29%45.2 M9%Chart38.2 M10.8 M3.7%26.7 M19.3%759 k1.7%Trends
deGerman101.3 M71.0 M70%19.3 M19%11.0 M11%Chart6.7 M1.9 M2.7%4.6 M23.9%143 k1.3%Trends
frFrench86.8 M53.5 M62%15.1 M17%18.2 M21%Chart3.7 M988 k1.8%2.5 M16.6%162 k0.9%Trends
ruRussian55.5 M33.6 M60%11.7 M21%10.3 M19%Chart2.7 M759 k2.3%1.8 M15.1%225 k2.2%Trends
esSpanish67.3 M33.0 M49%20.6 M31%13.7 M20%Chart6.3 M1.1 M3.4%5.0 M24.2%156 k1.1%Trends
itItalian59.3 M28.2 M47%13.3 M22%17.8 M30%Chart2.3 M555 k2.0%1.7 M12.6%108 k0.6%Trends
jaJapanese49.4 M25.8 M52%18.4 M37%5.2 M11%Chart1.3 M514 k2.0%681 k3.7%59 k1.1%Trends
plPolish34.3 M17.8 M52%4.6 M13%11.9 M35%Chart1.3 M320 k1.8%877 k19.2%80 k0.7%Trends
nlDutch35.5 M16.8 M47%4.0 M11%14.6 M41%Chart1.7 M343 k2.0%1.1 M26.7%235 k1.6%Trends
zhChinese26.7 M16.1 M60%5.1 M19%5.4 M20%Chart790 k388 k2.4%324 k6.3%78 k1.4%Trends
ptPortuguese31.6 M14.6 M46%8.3 M26%8.7 M28%Chart2.6 M512 k3.5%2.0 M23.6%101 k1.2%Trends
svSwedish29.5 M10.1 M34%2.8 M9%16.6 M56%Chart869 k197 k1.9%519 k18.8%152 k0.9%Trends
heHebrew11.9 M7.6 M64%1.5 M12%2.8 M23%Chart704 k221 k2.9%431 k29.2%51 k1.8%Trends
ukUkrainian13.6 M7.3 M54%1.0 M7%5.3 M39%Chart281 k107 k1.5%110 k10.9%64 k1.2%Trends
huHungarian11.8 M7.1 M60%780 k7%4.0 M34%Chart259 k94 k1.3%130 k16.6%36 k0.9%Trends
fiFinnish12.0 M6.5 M54%2.1 M17%3.4 M28%Chart522 k118 k1.8%364 k17.5%40 k1.2%Trends
koKorean11.9 M6.4 M53%2.9 M24%2.7 M22%Chart445 k183 k2.9%228 k7.9%34 k1.3%Trends
noNorwegian12.7 M6.3 M49%1.1 M8%5.4 M42%Chart403 k109 k1.7%244 k23.2%49 k0.9%Trends
viVietnamese18.6 M6.1 M33%646 k3%11.8 M64%Chart199 k67 k1.1%72 k11.1%59 k0.5%Trends
caCatalan14.2 M6.0 M42%653 k5%7.5 M53%Chart280 k66 k1.1%133 k20.3%82 k1.1%Trends
trTurkish11.4 M5.3 M47%2.9 M26%3.2 M28%Chart914 k215 k4.0%668 k22.9%30 k0.9%Trends
arArabic13.2 M5.3 M40%1.5 M12%6.4 M49%Chart602 k165 k3.1%359 k23.5%79 k1.2%Trends
csCzech10.3 M5.2 M51%1.2 M11%3.8 M37%Chart311 k81 k1.5%200 k17.0%30 k0.8%Trends
faPersian11.2 M4.1 M37%590 k5%6.5 M58%Chart384 k168 k4.1%148 k25.1%68 k1.0%Trends
srSerbian9.6 M3.8 M39%458 k5%5.3 M56%Chart179 k50 k1.3%95 k20.7%35 k0.6%Trends
roRomanian7.3 M2.8 M39%517 k7%3.9 M54%Chart174 k53 k1.9%88 k17.1%33 k0.8%Trends
bgBulgarian5.7 M2.7 M47%879 k15%2.1 M38%Chart195 k47 k1.8%125 k14.2%23 k1.1%Trends
idIndonesian7.8 M2.7 M35%823 k11%4.3 M55%Chart304 k67 k2.5%158 k19.2%79 k1.8%Trends
daDanish6.2 M2.7 M43%783 k13%2.8 M45%Chart266 k58 k2.2%177 k22.7%30 k1.1%Trends
elGreek4.3 M2.5 M57%690 k16%1.1 M27%Chart174 k58 k2.3%103 k14.9%14 k1.2%Trends
shSerbo-Croatian28.7 M2.4 M8%90 k0%26.2 M91%Chart75 k5 k0.2%13 k14.2%57 k0.2%Trends
thThai4.4 M2.1 M48%968 k22%1.4 M31%Chart143 k43 k2.0%81 k8.3%19 k1.4%Trends
eoEsperanto4.8 M1.8 M37%213 k4%2.8 M58%Chart37 k9 k0.5%6 k2.7%23 k0.8%Trends
etEstonian3.3 M1.7 M52%311 k9%1.3 M39%Chart61 k16 k0.9%27 k8.5%18 k1.4%Trends
skSlovak4.6 M1.6 M36%390 k8%2.6 M56%Chart148 k29 k1.8%98 k25.1%21 k0.8%Trends
simpleSimple English3.6 M1.5 M43%558 k16%1.5 M41%Chart258 k44 k2.9%194 k34.8%20 k1.4%Trends
glGalician3.2 M1.5 M48%156 k5%1.5 M48%Chart42 k11 k0.7%16 k10.4%15 k1.0%Trends
ltLithuanian4.0 M1.5 M37%344 k9%2.2 M54%Chart129 k23 k1.5%85 k24.6%22 k1.0%Trends
slSlovene3.3 M1.5 M45%176 k5%1.7 M50%Chart79 k20 k1.3%40 k22.9%19 k1.1%Trends
hrCroatian3.4 M1.4 M41%338 k10%1.7 M49%Chart134 k36 k2.5%77 k22.9%21 k1.3%Trends
azAzeri2.4 M1.3 M55%132 k6%939 k40%Chart61 k23 k1.8%27 k20.5%11 k1.2%Trends
hyArmenian3.4 M1.1 M33%105 k3%2.1 M64%Chart39 k12 k1.1%9 k8.4%18 k0.8%Trends
laLatin2.4 M1.0 M42%173 k7%1.3 M51%Chart23 k5 k0.5%5 k2.9%13 k1.1%Trends
kaGeorgian2.0 M1.0 M50%54 k3%971 k48%Chart36 k12 k1.2%14 k25.8%10 k1.1%Trends
euBasque4.0 M930 k23%111 k3%3.0 M74%Chart51 k7 k0.7%15 k13.5%29 k1.0%Trends
msMalay2.8 M927 k33%241 k9%1.6 M58%Chart70 k14 k1.5%29 k12.1%27 k1.7%Trends
teTelugu1.4 M909 k65%82 k6%405 k29%Chart12 k5 k0.6%3 k3.7%4 k1.0%Trends
taTamil1.5 M869 k59%58 k4%543 k37%Chart25 k10 k1.1%9 k15.2%6 k1.2%Trends
hiHindi1.8 M848 k46%90 k5%888 k49%Chart51 k24 k2.8%14 k16.0%13 k1.4%Trends
lvLatvian1.8 M843 k48%92 k5%838 k47%Chart44 k9 k1.1%23 k25.0%11 k1.3%Trends
mlMalayalam1.2 M809 k65%43 k3%397 k32%Chart22 k8 k1.0%9 k20.0%5 k1.2%Trends
nnNynorsk2.1 M701 k33%101 k5%1.3 M62%Chart34 k7 k1.0%16 k15.4%11 k0.9%Trends
beBelarusian1.7 M696 k40%117 k7%928 k53%Chart29 k5 k0.8%3 k2.4%21 k2.2%Trends
mkMacedonian1.7 M674 k40%74 k4%925 k55%Chart37 k10 k1.5%16 k21.9%11 k1.2%Trends
kkKazakh1.7 M572 k33%36 k2%1.1 M65%Chart21 k5 k0.9%5 k13.8%11 k1.0%Trends
afAfrikaans1.1 M517 k45%61 k5%562 k49%Chart17 k4 k0.7%6 k10.7%6 k1.1%Trends
lbLuxembourgish1.5 M510 k35%47 k3%914 k62%Chart15 k3 k0.6%4 k8.6%8 k0.9%Trends
brBreton1.3 M502 k39%44 k3%735 k57%Chart14 k4 k0.9%2 k3.9%8 k1.1%Trends
bsBosnian1.7 M486 k29%85 k5%1.1 M65%Chart53 k10 k2.0%28 k32.3%16 k1.5%Trends
bnBengali1.3 M480 k37%50 k4%777 k59%Chart26 k8 k1.7%10 k20.9%8 k1.0%Trends
be_x_oldBelarusian (Taraškievica)1.1 M432 k40%37 k3%620 k57%Chart16 k3 k0.7%4 k9.8%9 k1.5%Trends
sqAlbanian1.2 M414 k36%114 k10%636 k55%Chart35 k10 k2.3%15 k13.5%9 k1.5%Trends
tlTagalog1.2 M400 k33%99 k8%713 k59%Chart49 k6 k1.5%29 k29.4%14 k2.0%Trends
ocOccitan1.6 M388 k25%32 k2%1.1 M73%Chart18 k3 k0.7%1 k3.7%14 k1.3%Trends
urUrdu1.3 M386 k29%22 k2%902 k69%Chart11 k4 k0.9%2 k11.1%5 k0.5%Trends
cyWelsh1.2 M368 k31%29 k2%803 k67%Chart14 k3 k0.8%3 k9.0%8 k1.1%Trends
isIcelandic1.1 M366 k34%95 k9%610 k57%Chart23 k5 k1.3%12 k12.6%6 k1.0%Trends
mrMarathi977 k359 k37%23 k2%595 k61%Chart13 k3 k0.9%3 k11.8%7 k1.2%Trends
anAragonese1.2 M308 k26%20 k2%853 k72%Chart16 k2 k0.7%3 k14.6%11 k1.3%Trends
minMinangkabau1.3 M299 k24%8720%970 k76%Chart8 k7 k2.5%364.1%6000.1%Trends
jvJavanese765 k273 k36%12 k2%480 k63%Chart12 k2 k0.7%2 k12.7%8 k1.7%Trends
fyFrisian650 k270 k41%19 k3%362 k56%Chart9 k2 k0.6%3 k16.6%4 k1.2%Trends
zh_yueCantonese698 k267 k38%93 k13%338 k48%Chart19 k4 k1.5%10 k10.4%5 k1.4%Trends
ceChechen1.0 M261 k26%2 k0%756 k74%Chart12 k6920.3%27114.0%11 k1.5%Trends
warWaray-Waray5.1 M257 k5%14 k0%4.9 M95%Chart24 k6950.3%8476.1%23 k0.5%Trends
alsAlemannic484 k241 k50%28 k6%215 k44%Chart8 k2 k0.8%4 k13.4%3 k1.2%Trends
barBavarian347 k222 k64%15 k4%110 k32%Chart26 k21 k9.6%2 k12.7%3 k2.5%Trends
gaIrish665 k208 k31%35 k5%422 k63%Chart11 k2 k0.8%2 k5.5%8 k1.8%Trends
neNepali371 k206 k56%17 k5%148 k40%Chart5 k3 k1.2%1 k6.2%2 k1.2%Trends
ttTatar1.7 M195 k12%14 k1%1.5 M88%Chart15 k2 k1.2%1 k7.2%12 k0.8%Trends
arzEgyptian Arabic432 k192 k45%26 k6%213 k49%Chart15 k3 k1.7%8 k31.7%3 k1.6%Trends
swSwahili700 k189 k27%12 k2%498 k71%Chart8 k1 k0.6%9938.0%6 k1.2%Trends
kuKurdish505 k175 k35%36 k7%294 k58%Chart11 k2 k1.3%5 k13.2%4 k1.3%Trends
knKannada368 k174 k47%24 k6%170 k46%Chart5 k2 k1.0%1 k4.8%3 k1.5%Trends
saSanskrit299 k162 k54%6 k2%131 k44%Chart5 k3 k1.7%2403.9%2 k1.1%Trends
siSinhala236 k148 k63%45 k19%43 k18%Chart6 k3 k1.7%3 k5.8%8722.0%Trends
ndsLow Saxon607 k146 k24%20 k3%441 k73%Chart9 k1 k0.8%4 k19.8%4 k1.0%Trends
paPunjabi235 k146 k62%4 k2%85 k36%Chart4 k2 k1.5%3237.5%1 k1.4%Trends
tgTajik682 k138 k20%10 k2%533 k78%Chart5 k8510.6%9509.1%3 k0.6%Trends
scnSicilian606 k135 k22%16 k3%455 k75%Chart7 k9500.7%1 k9.1%5 k1.0%Trends
guGujarati293 k130 k44%18 k6%144 k49%Chart8 k2 k1.2%5 k27.4%1 k0.9%Trends
yiYiddish360 k130 k36%12 k3%219 k61%Chart11 k5 k3.6%2 k13.5%5 k2.2%Trends
uzUzbek1.4 M128 k9%15 k1%1.3 M90%Chart12 k2 k1.5%2 k10.0%8 k0.6%Trends
quQuechua468 k124 k27%7 k2%337 k72%Chart5 k6730.5%4255.8%4 k1.2%Trends
pnbWestern Panjabi409 k123 k30%2 k0%285 k70%Chart4 k5430.4%26113.1%3 k1.1%Trends
lmoLombard567 k122 k22%13 k2%433 k76%Chart5 k1 k0.9%5204.1%3 k0.7%Trends
astAsturian850 k121 k14%27 k3%703 k83%Chart10 k1 k1.0%3 k10.4%6 k0.9%Trends
myBurmese258 k119 k46%10 k4%129 k50%Chart4 k1 k0.9%1 k10.7%1 k1.1%Trends
baBashkir401 k118 k29%6 k1%277 k69%Chart3 k7910.7%57610.1%2 k0.6%Trends
gdScots Gaelic448 k118 k26%11 k2%319 k71%Chart5 k1 k1.0%5935.4%3 k1.0%Trends
mnMongolian307 k117 k38%37 k12%153 k50%Chart8 k2 k1.5%4 k10.4%3 k1.7%Trends
ioIdo739 k112 k15%11 k2%616 k83%Chart6 k4770.4%5444.9%5 k0.9%Trends
pmsPiedmontese739 k106 k14%7 k1%626 k85%Chart13 k4 k3.5%5106.9%9 k1.4%Trends
gomGoan Konkani107 k103 k96%8921%3 k3%Chart2972300.2%131.5%541.7%Trends
liLimburgish312 k103 k33%11 k4%199 k64%Chart6 k1 k1.0%3 k25.7%3 k1.3%Trends
waWalloon259 k99 k38%6 k2%153 k59%Chart3 k5920.6%3495.5%2 k1.1%Trends
htHaitian652 k93 k14%14 k2%545 k84%Chart7 k4070.4%2892.1%6 k1.2%Trends
ckbSorani257 k88 k34%7 k3%162 k63%Chart7 k2 k1.9%2 k23.6%4 k2.2%Trends
scoScots326 k82 k25%56 k17%187 k57%Chart6 k1 k1.3%2 k4.0%2 k1.2%Trends
nahNahuatl338 k82 k24%8 k2%247 k73%Chart5 k8341.0%3143.8%4 k1.5%Trends
cvChuvash485 k81 k17%7 k2%396 k82%Chart7 k5610.7%4946.8%6 k1.5%Trends
iaInterlingua432 k79 k18%18 k4%335 k77%Chart9 k7160.9%1 k7.4%7 k2.0%Trends
kyKyrghyz178 k78 k44%11 k6%89 k50%Chart2 k6510.8%5545.1%8761.0%Trends
yoYoruba396 k75 k19%3 k1%318 k80%Chart4 k3900.5%34312.5%3 k1.0%Trends
zh_min_nanMin Nan974 k75 k8%13 k1%886 k91%Chart10 k7141.0%2 k13.8%7 k0.8%Trends
suSundanese359 k74 k21%5 k1%280 k78%Chart4 k5380.7%77914.5%3 k1.1%Trends
foFaroese249 k74 k30%14 k6%161 k65%Chart4 k6570.9%1 k7.3%2 k1.3%Trends
voVolapük3.1 M72 k2%9 k0%3.0 M97%Chart36 k6670.9%6807.9%34 k1.1%Trends
diqZazaki156 k68 k44%5 k3%83 k53%Chart4 k1 k1.7%60712.0%2 k2.6%Trends
cebCebuano8.8 M67 k1%9 k0%8.7 M99%Chart24 k5940.9%6086.7%22 k0.3%Trends
vecVenetian468 k67 k14%14 k3%387 k83%Chart5 k7161.1%1 k8.1%3 k0.9%Trends
hsbUpper Sorbian191 k66 k35%5 k3%120 k63%Chart2 k4040.6%4328.6%2 k1.4%Trends
vlsWest Flemish193 k65 k34%13 k7%114 k59%Chart4 k7021.1%2 k11.4%1 k1.3%Trends
orOriya143 k64 k45%2 k2%77 k54%Chart1 k5240.8%26410.8%4810.6%Trends
nds_nlDutch Low Saxon200 k59 k29%8 k4%133 k67%Chart4 k6311.1%1 k16.6%2 k1.3%Trends
iloIlokano178 k58 k33%5 k3%115 k65%Chart3 k2530.4%2685.5%2 k2.1%Trends
zh_classicalClassical Chinese125 k58 k46%7 k6%60 k48%Chart4 k1 k2.2%1 k15.4%1 k2.1%Trends
psPashto125 k57 k46%10 k8%57 k46%Chart2 k4660.8%1831.8%1 k2.5%Trends
kmKhmer97 k57 k59%9 k9%31 k32%Chart2 k6761.2%3514.0%7672.4%Trends
sahSakha220 k56 k26%7 k3%157 k71%Chart3 k6021.1%2463.5%3 k1.6%Trends
asAssamese81 k55 k68%3 k4%22 k28%Chart1 k4820.9%2367.4%2891.3%Trends
mtMaltese139 k54 k39%20 k15%64 k46%Chart3 k6861.3%1 k6.7%1 k1.9%Trends
nvNavajo95 k52 k55%7091%42 k44%Chart1 k4260.8%17925.2%8161.9%Trends
osOssetic285 k52 k18%3 k1%231 k81%Chart3 k3210.6%32312.9%3 k1.2%Trends
bat_smgSamogitian265 k51 k19%5 k2%209 k79%Chart4 k3920.8%60412.5%3 k1.6%Trends
frrNorth Frisian80 k43 k53%3 k4%34 k43%Chart2 k5061.2%74323.1%6662.0%Trends
mhrEastern Mari110 k42 k38%2 k2%67 k61%Chart2 k3600.9%1246.5%1 k1.8%Trends
amAmharic264 k40 k15%11 k4%213 k81%Chart4 k4561.1%1 k10.3%2 k1.2%Trends
wuuWu115 k37 k33%8 k7%70 k61%Chart3 k6281.7%6728.6%1 k2.1%Trends
hifFiji Hindi133 k37 k28%2 k1%94 k71%Chart2 k1470.4%28116.4%2 k1.6%Trends
newNepal Bhasa415 k36 k9%1 k0%377 k91%Chart3 k3360.9%20413.7%3 k0.7%Trends
vepVepsian54 k36 k66%9352%17 k32%Chart9314631.3%25327.1%2151.2%Trends
napNeapolitan512 k31 k6%12 k2%469 k92%Chart4 k3431.1%1 k9.7%2 k0.5%Trends
soSomali114 k31 k27%21 k18%62 k55%Chart4 k7342.4%1 k6.8%2 k2.6%Trends
rmRomansh97 k31 k32%5 k5%62 k64%Chart2 k5121.7%2926.5%9331.5%Trends
bclCentral Bicolano140 k30 k22%2 k2%107 k77%Chart3 k1920.6%2189.4%2 k2.1%Trends
roa_taraTarantino102 k30 k30%3 k3%69 k67%Chart2 k1160.4%832.6%2 k3.2%Trends
szlSilesian112 k30 k26%2 k2%80 k71%Chart2 k4311.5%41717.2%1 k1.8%Trends
seNorthern Sami187 k29 k16%3 k2%155 k83%Chart4 k2290.8%48716.0%3 k2.0%Trends
emlEmilian-Romagnol67 k28 k43%5 k7%33 k50%Chart7591370.5%1833.7%4391.3%Trends
lezLezgian40 k28 k71%2 k4%10 k25%Chart9534241.5%34720.2%1821.9%Trends
gvManx167 k28 k17%2 k1%137 k82%Chart3 k3231.1%28515.4%2 k1.5%Trends
stqSaterland Frisian91 k28 k31%2 k2%61 k67%Chart2 k2290.8%924.6%1 k2.0%Trends
scSardinian105 k28 k27%12 k11%65 k62%Chart2 k2520.9%2642.3%1 k1.7%Trends
kshRipuarian112 k28 k25%2 k2%82 k73%Chart1 k3851.4%2299.5%8331.0%Trends
angAnglo-Saxon120 k27 k23%4 k3%89 k74%Chart3 k3391.2%57516.1%2 k2.0%Trends
pamKapampangan228 k27 k12%4 k2%197 k86%Chart5 k2751.0%3197.5%4 k2.1%Trends
mrjWestern Mari76 k25 k32%2 k3%49 k65%Chart679810.3%532.3%5451.1%Trends
coCorsican172 k24 k14%22 k13%126 k73%Chart2 k2481.0%5022.3%2 k1.3%Trends
fiu_vroVoro131 k23 k18%3 k2%105 k80%Chart2 k2571.1%2298.3%2 k1.5%Trends
sdSindhi31 k23 k74%3 k9%5 k17%Chart4321980.9%802.9%1542.8%Trends
extExtremaduran84 k22 k26%5 k6%57 k68%Chart3 k4622.1%3407.3%2 k3.0%Trends
zeaZealandic74 k21 k28%3 k4%51 k68%Chart2 k6313.1%39813.3%5971.2%Trends
boTibetan93 k20 k22%4 k4%69 k74%Chart2 k1860.9%3318.4%1 k2.0%Trends
bhBihari122 k20 k17%3 k2%98 k81%Chart2 k1820.9%64723.2%6880.7%Trends
bpyBishnupriya Manipuri450 k20 k5%2 k1%427 k95%Chart4 k1330.7%52822.0%3 k0.7%Trends
mznMazandarani96 k20 k20%1 k1%75 k78%Chart2 k2131.1%18114.6%2 k2.5%Trends
mgMalagasy608 k20 k3%3 k1%585 k96%Chart5 k2571.3%3038.8%5 k0.8%Trends
ganGan160 k20 k12%2 k1%139 k86%Chart3 k5783.0%61227.3%2 k1.4%Trends
hakHakka81 k19 k23%3 k4%59 k73%Chart1 k1370.7%1876.4%1 k1.8%Trends
dvDivehi95 k19 k20%3 k3%73 k77%Chart2 k3151.7%2147.5%1 k1.7%Trends
ladLadino97 k19 k19%3 k3%75 k78%Chart2 k2301.2%37112.0%1 k1.7%Trends
glkGilaki27 k18 k67%3 k9%7 k24%Chart7551340.7%1576.2%4647.1%Trends
kvKomi86 k18 k21%3 k4%65 k75%Chart2 k1901.0%1123.5%1 k2.3%Trends
rueRusyn75 k18 k24%9451%56 k75%Chart2 k1951.1%20221.4%2 k3.7%Trends
tkTurkmen154 k17 k11%4 k2%133 k86%Chart2 k2431.4%3288.9%2 k1.3%Trends
aceAcehnese68 k17 k25%2 k2%49 k72%Chart2 k2991.7%28818.5%1 k2.5%Trends
udmUdmurt68 k17 k25%1 k2%50 k73%Chart2 k3291.9%27118.9%9051.8%Trends
kwCornish137 k16 k12%3 k2%118 k86%Chart2 k1561.0%1847.0%2 k1.4%Trends
miMaori109 k16 k15%2 k2%91 k84%Chart2 k5143.2%29414.6%1 k1.1%Trends
dsbLower Sorbian65 k16 k24%4 k5%46 k70%Chart2 k1991.3%3389.6%1 k2.2%Trends
maiMaithili17 k15 k90%2251%1 k8%Chart3723422.2%2812.4%20.1%Trends
bugBuginese171 k15 k9%5580%155 k91%Chart       Trends
ugUyghur100 k15 k15%2 k2%83 k83%Chart2 k1991.3%1267.0%2 k2.0%Trends
arcAramaic74 k15 k20%1 k1%58 k78%Chart       Trends
furFriulian137 k15 k11%6 k4%116 k85%Chart2 k2351.6%3425.8%1 k1.1%Trends
myvErzya62 k15 k24%6271%47 k75%Chart754950.6%9415.0%5651.2%Trends
map_bmsBanyumasan148 k15 k10%3 k2%130 k88%Chart1 k790.5%2758.9%8770.7%Trends
crhCrimean Tatar79 k14 k18%1 k2%64 k80%Chart1 k1330.9%15110.9%1 k1.8%Trends
lnLingala82 k14 k17%2 k3%66 k80%Chart1 k1220.9%1024.4%1 k1.7%Trends
bxrBuryat22 k14 k64%6833%7 k33%Chart7153802.7%15422.5%1812.4%Trends
ieInterlingue92 k14 k15%1 k2%77 k83%Chart2 k1951.4%16912.1%1 k1.5%Trends
frpArpitan149 k14 k9%2 k1%133 k90%Chart2 k1250.9%19210.0%2 k1.3%Trends
koiKomi-Permyak39 k13 k34%3 k8%23 k58%Chart5061261.0%561.9%3241.4%Trends
pcdPicard42 k13 k32%9012%27 k66%Chart822670.5%899.9%6662.4%Trends
mwlMirandese48 k13 k27%1 k3%33 k70%Chart9221130.9%1036.9%7062.1%Trends
nrmNorman188 k13 k7%1 k1%174 k92%Chart2 k1060.8%18812.9%2 k1.0%Trends
pdcPennsylvania German64 k13 k20%3 k5%47 k74%Chart2 k2231.7%63518.2%7381.6%Trends
csbCassubian146 k13 k9%13 k9%121 k83%Chart2 k2822.2%5174.1%1 k1.1%Trends
snShona31 k12 k40%6 k21%12 k40%Chart5291371.1%1812.8%2111.7%Trends
lijLigurian126 k12 k10%4 k3%109 k87%Chart2 k1571.3%1523.5%2 k1.6%Trends
pagPangasinan44 k12 k27%2 k5%30 k68%Chart799230.2%883.7%6882.3%Trends
gnGuarani73 k12 k16%3 k4%59 k80%Chart1 k1231.0%2318.7%9031.5%Trends
tyvTuvan14 k12 k85%1 k10%7225%Chart2071531.3%544.0%  Trends
kabKabyle43 k11 k26%6 k13%26 k61%Chart1 k1671.5%1222.2%7132.7%Trends
jboLojban80 k11 k14%2 k2%67 k84%Chart2 k4654.1%49527.3%1 k1.6%Trends
krcKarachay-Balkar56 k11 k20%7451%45 k79%Chart       Trends
woWolof63 k10 k16%1 k2%52 k82%Chart       Trends
cuOld Church Slavonic38 k10 k26%1 k3%27 k71%Chart       Trends
cbk_zamChavacano41 k10 k23%2 k5%29 k71%Chart8932012.1%1918.8%5011.7%Trends
rwKinyarwanda39 k9 k24%7062%29 k75%Chart       Trends
nsoNorthern Sotho19 k9 k50%1 k8%8 k43%Chart190480.5%473.3%951.2%Trends
avAvar31 k9 k29%1 k4%21 k67%Chart5531301.4%1039.0%3201.5%Trends
roa_rupAromanian27 k9 k34%1 k5%17 k62%Chart7601311.4%17214.0%4572.7%Trends
ltgLatgalian21 k9 k44%2 k8%10 k48%Chart       Trends
toTongan22 k9 k41%7663%12 k55%Chart4351001.1%17322.6%1621.3%Trends
kbdKabardian24 k9 k37%4982%15 k61%Chart       Trends
ayAymara57 k9 k16%1 k3%46 k82%Chart1 k810.9%28519.7%6511.4%Trends
novNovial88 k9 k10%8811%78 k89%Chart1 k600.7%637.2%1 k1.7%Trends
igIgbo45 k8 k19%9042%36 k79%Chart714650.8%16918.7%4801.3%Trends
loLaotian33 k8 k26%4 k14%20 k61%Chart6841281.5%1302.9%4262.1%Trends
bjnBanjar31 k8 k25%4772%23 k73%Chart554720.9%5611.7%4261.9%Trends
papPapiamentu50 k7 k15%5 k9%38 k76%Chart1 k1532.1%2244.8%9792.6%Trends
naNauruan40 k7 k17%1 k3%32 k80%Chart1 k1752.5%26022.8%7202.2%Trends
klGreenlandic48 k7 k14%1 k3%40 k83%Chart       Trends
mdfMoksha26 k6 k24%3521%20 k75%Chart       Trends
kaaKarakalpak28 k6 k22%2 k8%20 k70%Chart8992884.7%1184.9%4932.5%Trends
cdoMin Dong26 k6 k23%6 k23%14 k53%Chart464621.0%971.6%3052.2%Trends
tetTetum39 k6 k15%1 k3%33 k83%Chart1 k1132.0%17717.6%7672.4%Trends
srnSranan28 k6 k20%3321%22 k78%Chart       Trends
xalKalmyk56 k6 k10%5961%50 k89%Chart       Trends
tpiTok Pisin49 k6 k11%1 k2%42 k86%Chart       Trends
gotGothic15 k5 k37%4523%9 k60%Chart315541.0%6514.4%1962.2%Trends
abAbkhazian22 k5 k24%2 k7%15 k69%Chart1 k2564.8%63339.3%3372.2%Trends
chrCherokee22 k5 k24%1 k5%15 k71%Chart       Trends
omOromo14 k5 k35%9126%8 k58%Chart345761.5%10511.5%1642.0%Trends
lbeLak20 k5 k24%2691%15 k74%Chart       Trends
hawHawai'ian60 k5 k8%1 k2%54 k90%Chart       Trends
iuInuktitut24 k5 k19%9074%18 k77%Chart       Trends
kgKongo31 k4 k12%1 k4%26 k84%Chart9131714.4%15413.8%5882.3%Trends
rmyRomani26 k4 k14%8943%22 k82%Chart       Trends
zuZulu18 k4 k20%1 k8%13 k72%Chart645711.9%27518.7%2992.3%Trends
smSamoan23 k4 k15%1 k5%18 k80%Chart       Trends
xhXhosa12 k3 k29%7016%8 k65%Chart3741394.2%7711.0%1582.1%Trends
pntPontic19 k3 k17%4282%15 k81%Chart517722.2%4911.4%3962.6%Trends
tyTahitian36 k3 k9%6852%32 k89%Chart       Trends
haHausa16 k3 k20%2 k11%11 k69%Chart       Trends
bmBambara21 k3 k13%1 k6%17 k81%Chart       Trends
zaZhuang18 k3 k15%1 k7%14 k78%Chart517983.6%816.0%3382.4%Trends
ssSiswati19 k3 k14%2952%16 k84%Chart       Trends
biBislama21 k3 k12%7153%18 k84%Chart590672.6%10915.2%4142.4%Trends
chyCheyenne10 k3 k27%4054%7 k69%Chart314622.4%9222.7%1602.4%Trends
pihNorfolk26 k2 k9%9354%23 k87%Chart       Trends
lgGanda9 k2 k27%6097%6 k66%Chart291763.1%9014.8%1252.1%Trends
tsTsonga13 k2 k18%3713%11 k80%Chart362451.9%369.7%2812.6%Trends
ikInupiak15 k2 k15%6825%12 k80%Chart       Trends
tnSetswana8 k2 k27%5267%5 k67%Chart146291.4%305.7%871.6%Trends
crCree5 k2 k37%54410%3 k53%Chart       Trends
moMoldavian4 k2 k45%2 k51%1934%Chart       Trends
eeEwe21 k2 k9%3522%19 k89%Chart       Trends
rnKirundi7 k2 k28%2353%5 k69%Chart       Trends
dzDzongkha12 k2 k13%3083%10 k85%Chart490473.0%9330.2%3503.4%Trends
stSesotho10 k2 k15%2723%8 k82%Chart324906.0%5319.5%1812.3%Trends
akAkan6 k1 k24%4948%4 k68%Chart358765.2%12625.5%1563.7%Trends
chChamorro8 k1 k17%81311%6 k72%Chart       Trends
piPali89 k1 k1%2290%87 k98%Chart       Trends
twTwi6 k1 k20%1 k17%4 k63%Chart316423.3%16414.9%1102.7%Trends
fjFijian7 k1 k19%2985%5 k76%Chart2951108.9%8227.5%1032.1%Trends
ffFulfulde8 k1 k16%3615%6 k79%Chart       Trends
sgSangro9 k1 k12%2803%7 k85%Chart       Trends
tiTigrinya7 k1 k15%5418%5 k77%Chart352726.9%11120.5%1693.2%Trends
tumTumbuka6 k95615%91914%5 k71%Chart222434.5%687.4%1112.4%Trends
veVenda5 k94518%52410%4 k72%Chart179283.0%5410.3%972.5%Trends
ksKashmiri3 k89929%2368%2 k63%Chart       Trends
nyChichewa4 k82118%3628%3 k74%Chart       Trends
kiKikuyu8 k7809%3 k36%5 k55%Chart       Trends
tlhKlingon80259074%19524%172%Chart       Trends
choChoctaw20413164%6632%73%Chart       Trends
ngNdonga87212915%11213%63172%Chart       Trends
iiYi1798950%5531%3520%Chart       Trends
hzHerero1177463%4337%  Chart       Trends
mhMarshallese2356026%8034%9540%Chart       Trends
krKanuri724360%2940%  Chart       Trends
hoHiri Motu973839%4344%1616%Chart       Trends
aaAfar973435%5961%44%Chart       Trends
kjKuanyama652437%2234%1929%Chart       Trends
musMuskogee521427%3771%12%Chart       Trends

Revert percentage is ratio reverts:edits per class of editors (registered or anonymous users or bots).
Only reverts detected by sha1 matching are considered here, not (partial) manual reverts only detectable by edit comment.
Reverts is less than reverted edits! Sometimes several edits are undone with one revert (see trends report per language).
When several revisions were reverted in one action, the oldest reverted revision determines editor class (and coloring):
is this a reverted user edit (reg/anon) or a reverted bot edit?

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