Spanish Wikipedia

 Spanish Wikipedia at a glance October 2018  
  Data Yearly change Monthly change

Page Views per Month 1,072,030,770 -- --

Article Count 1,485,176 +9% +1%

New Articles per Day 240 --     --    

Edits per Month 598,314 -8% +9%

Active Editors 4,289 +6% +6%

Very Active Editors 565 +9% +5%

New Editors 724 -16% +1%

Speakers 513,000,000 --     --    

Editors per Million Speakers 8 --     --    




Page views: 1,072 million per month = 35.7 million per day = 1.5 million per hour = 25 thousand per minute = 414 per second
Metrics have been normalized to months of 30 days: Jan*30/31, Feb*30/(28|29), Mar*30/31, etc





Metrics are about proper articles only (aka 'real' content or namespace 0 pages), not discussion/help/project pages, etc.

Page Views 1
Article Count 1
An article is defined as any 'real' content page which contains at least one link to any other page
New Articles per Day
Edits per Month
Edits per Month
Active Editors
Registered (and signed in) users who made 5 or more edits in a month
Very Active Editors
Registered (and signed in) users who made 100 or more edits in a month
New Editors
Registered (and signed in) users who completed their all time 10th edit in this month
Speakers 1
Includes secondary language speakers. Data are from the English Wikipedia page on Spanish.
Editors per Million Speakers 1
aka Participation Rate.
1 For language/project comparisons see also Wikipedia sitemap and Wikistats 2.

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