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Tuesday January 31, 2017

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Dec Summary Tables Charts enEnglishAF AS EU NA OC
1500 M2030171330712743129%32%7,442,0495,321,306
Jan Summary Tables Charts esSpanishAF AS EU NA SA
500 M84138562713619%38%1,033,1551,311,997
Jan Summary Tables Charts ptPortugueseAF AS EU SA
290 M616192146921326%36%287,485954,970
Jan Summary Tables Charts ruRussianAS EU
278 M123403571878418%26%954,3511,370,090
Jan Summary Tables Charts frFrenchAF AS EU NA OC SA
200 M23460476616110721%22%711,5041,837,556
Jan Summary Tables Charts jaJapaneseAS
132 M334297396495710%41%859,0261,047,714
Jan Summary Tables Charts wuuWuAS
77 M0.1513759%17%8965,683
Jan Summary Tables Charts zh-yueCantoneseAS
71 M183798846%26%4,296 
Jan Summary Tables Charts urUrduAS
60 M0.6389147868%5%3,484112,277
Jan Summary Tables Charts zh-min-nanMin NanAS
49 M0.210354290%14%1,663 
Jan Summary Tables Charts knKannadaAS
47 M0.943443143%11%1,62921,751
Jan Summary Tables Charts sdSindhiAS
41 M0.16121015%9%2288,693
Jan Summary Tables Charts hakHakkaAS
34 M0.12  1570%14%6047,396
Jan Summary Tables Charts maiMaithiliAS
30 M0.4125364%4%15411,382
Jan Summary Tables Charts psPashtoAS
26 M0.25121445%16%6548,420
Jan Summary Tables Charts loLaotianAS
22 M0.371 1355%29%3662,804
Jan Summary Tables Charts kmKhmerAS
18 M0.36151832%14%6686,298
Jan Summary Tables Charts map-bmsBanyumasanAS
14 M0.0  21887%17%696 
Jan Summary Tables Charts asAssameseAS
13 M0.79131527%6%7744,493
Jan Summary Tables Charts ugUyghurAS
10 M0.33111880%10%3844,954
Jan Summary Tables Charts cdoMin DongAS
9 M0.22 33150%50%3154,257
Jan Summary Tables Charts gomGoan KonkaniAS
7 M1113223%1%2033,766
Jan Summary Tables Charts boTibetanAS
7 M0.32  2673%16%77110,066
Jan Summary Tables Charts tpiTok PisinAS
6 M0.21  1686%17%2271,353
Jan Summary Tables Charts bugBugineseAS
4 M0.0   1791%4%51614,143
Jan Summary Tables Charts aceAcehneseAS
4 M0.62 11370%9%6234,130
Jan Summary Tables Charts bjnBanjarAS
4 M0.31 2973%6%5271,818
Jan Summary Tables Charts mznMazandaraniAS
3 M0.31 31877%6%55112,625
Jan Summary Tables Charts glkGilakiAS
3 M0.31 2924%12%2526,486
Jan Summary Tables Charts bclCentral BicolanoAS
2 M0.41 11675%7%5057,155
Jan Summary Tables Charts arcAramaicAS
2 M0.51 11678%7%2891,649
Jan Summary Tables Charts kbdKabardianAS
2 M0.61 21560%5%3531,597
Jan Summary Tables Charts pagPangasinanAS
2 M0.0   1167%17%2655,043
Jan Summary Tables Charts cbk-zamChavacanoAS
1 M0.81 11571%19%2453,055
Jan Summary Tables Charts kaaKarakalpakAS
580 k0.0  1669%29%2342,070
Jan Summary Tables Charts osOsseticAS
570 k42 33781%5%79210,370
Jan Summary Tables Charts tetTetumAS
550 k21 12882%15%1711,438
Jan Summary Tables Charts crhCrimean TatarAS EU
480 k63 12979%9%4425,090
Jan Summary Tables Charts myvErzyaAS
390 k104132273%4%3413,423
Jan Summary Tables Charts udmUdmurtAS
340 k31 44972%8%4483,921
Jan Summary Tables Charts bxrBuryatAS
330 k31111332%4%3411,875
Jan Summary Tables Charts tyvTuvanAS
280 k113  45%10%1201,731
Jan Summary Tables Charts ladLadinoAS
122 k33414465%8%3274,506
Jan Summary Tables Charts abAbkhazianAS
113 k182121963%18%2811,271
Jan Summary Tables Charts zh-classicalClassical ChineseAS
Only Wikipedias which contain 10 or more articles and which received 10 or more edits in last month are listed above
Not included: ar:Arabicaz:Azeri, ba:Bashkir, bh:Bihari, bn:Bengali, bpy:Bishnupriya Manipuri, ceb:Cebuano,
ckb:Sorani, cv:Chuvash, diq:Zazaki, dv:Divehi, dz:Dzongkha, fa:Persian, gan:Gan,
gu:Gujarati, he:Hebrew, hi:Hindi, hy:Armenian, id:Indonesian, ii:Yi, ilo:Ilokano,
jv:Javanese, kk:Kazakh, ko:Korean, ks:Kashmiri, ku:Kurdish, ky:Kyrghyz, lbe:Lak,
map-bms:Banyumasan, min:Minangkabau, ml:Malayalam, mn:Mongolian, mr:Marathi, ms:Malay, my:Burmese,
ne:Nepali, new:Nepal Bhasa, or:Oriya, pa:Punjabi, pam:Kapampangan, pi:Pali, pnb:Western Panjabi,
sa:Sanskrit, sah:Sakha, si:Sinhala, simple:Simple English, su:Sundanese, ta:Tamil, te:Telugu,
tg:Tajik, th:Thai, tk:Turkmen, tl:Tagalog, tr:Turkish, tt:Tatar, uz:Uzbek,
vi:Vietnamese, war:Waray-Waray, za:Zhuang, zh:Chinese, zh-classical:Classical Chinese, zh-min-nan:Min Nan, zh-yue:Cantonese,

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Wikipedias are initially ordered by number of speakers of the language

Speakers: Number of speakers of a language is the estimated total of primary and secondary speakers, is in many cases a very rough estimation (based on the page on the English Wikipedia about that language)
Regions are parts of the world where the language is spoken in substantial amounts (compared to total number of speakers). Regions where a language gained presence only by a recent diaspora are generally not included.
Region codes: AF:Africa, AS:Asia, EU:Europe, NA:North America, OC:Oceania, SA:South America, W:World Wide, CL:Constructed Language

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