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Wikibooks [120] aa11, af11, ak11, als11, ang11, ar11, as11, ast11, ay11, az11, ba3, be11, bg11, bi11, bm11, bn11, bo11, bs11, ca11, ch11, co11, cs11, cv11, cy11, da11, de11, el11, en11, eo11, es11, et11, eu11, fa11, fi11, fr11, fy11, ga11, gl11, gn11, got11, gu11, he11, hi11, hr11, hu11, hy11, ia11, id11, ie11, is11, it11, ja11, ka11, kk11, km11, kn11, ko11, ks11, ku11, ky11, la11, lb11, ln11, lt11, lv11, mg11, mi11, mk11, ml11, mn11, mr11, ms11, my11, na11, nah11, nds11, ne11, nl11, no11, oc11, pa11, pl11, ps11, pt11, qu11, rm11, ro11, ru11, sa11, se11, si11, simple11, sk11, sl11, sq11, sr11, su11, sv11, sw11, ta11, te11, tg11, th11, tk11, tl11, tr11, tt11, ug11, uk11, ur11, uz11, vi11, vo11, wa11, xh11, yo11, za11, zh11, zh_min_nan11, zu11

Wiktionary [171] aa11, ab11, af1, ak11, als11, am11, an11, ang11, ar1, as11, ast11, av11, ay11, az1, be11, bg1, bh11, bi11, bm11, bn11, bo11, br1, bs11, ca1, ch11, chr1, co11, cr11, cs1, csb11, cy1, da1, de1, dv11, dz11, el1, en1, eo1, es1, et1, eu1, fa1, fi1, fj1, fo11, fr0, fy0, ga11, gd11, gl0, gn11, gu11, gv11, ha11, he0, hi0, hr0, hsb11, hu0, hy0, ia11, id0, ie11, ik11, io0, is0, it0, iu11, ja0, jbo11, jv0, ka11, kk11, kl11, km11, kn0, ko0, ks11, ku0, kw11, ky0, la0, lb11, li0, ln11, lo0, lt0, lv11, mg0, mh11, mi11, mk11, ml11, mn0, mo11, mr11, ms11, mt11, my0, na11, nah11, nds11, ne11, nl0, nn11, no0, oc0, om11, or0, pa11, pi11, pl0, pnb11, ps11, pt0, qu11, rm11, rn11, ro0, roa_rup11, ru0, rw11, sa0, sc11, scn0, sd11, sg11, sh0, si11, simple0, sk11, sl0, sm11, sn11, so11, sq0, sr0, ss11, st11, su11, sv0, sw0, ta0, te0, tg11, th0, ti11, tk11, tl0, tn11, to11, tpi11, tr0, ts11, tt11, tw11, ug11, uk0, ur11, uz0, vi0, vo0, wa0, wo11, xh11, yi11, yo11, za11, zh10, zh_min_nan11, zu11

Wikinews [32] ar10, bg10, bs10, ca10, cs10, de0, el10, en0, es0, fa10, fi10, fr0, he10, hu10, it0, ja10, ko10, nl10, no10, pl0, pt0, ro10, ru0, sd10, sq10, sr10, sv10, ta10, th10, tr10, uk10, zh10

Wikivoyage [17] de0, el10, en0, es0, fa10, fr0, he0, it0, nl0, pl0, pt0, ro10, ru0, sv0, uk10, vi10, zh10

Wikipedia [286] aa1, ab11, ace11, af11, ak11, als3, am3, an3, ang11, ar1, arc11, arz3, as11, ast3, av11, ay11, az3, ba1, bar3, bat_smg3, bcl11, be3, be_x_old3, bg1, bh1, bi11, bjn11, bm1, bn3, bo11, bpy3, br3, bs0, bug11, bxr11, ca0, cbk_zam11, cdo11, ce3, ceb0, ch0, cho0, chr0, chy11, ckb0, co3, cr11, crh11, cs0, csb11, cu11, cv2, cy2, da0, de6, diq2, dsb11, dv0, dz0, ee11, el0, eml11, en3, eo0, es7, et0, eu0, ext11, fa0, ff11, fi2, fiu_vro11, fj0, fo2, fr6, frp11, frr11, fur11, fy2, ga2, gan2, gd2, gl2, glk11, gn11, gom11, got0, gu2, gv2, ha11, hak11, haw11, he2, hi2, hif11, ho0, hr2, hsb2, ht2, hu2, hy2, hz0, ia2, id2, ie11, ig11, ii0, ik11, ilo2, io2, is2, it7, iu11, ja8, jbo11, jv2, ka2, kaa11, kab11, kbd11, kg11, ki0, kj0, kk2, kl11, km11, kn8, ko2, koi11, kr0, krc11, ks0, ksh11, ku2, kv11, kw11, ky2, la2, lad11, lb2, lbe0, lez11, lg11, li2, lij11, lmo2, ln0, lo11, lt2, ltg11, lv2, mai11, map_bms2, mdf0, mg2, mh0, mhr11, mi11, min2, mk2, ml2, mn2, mo0, mr2, mrj11, ms2, mt2, mus0, mwl11, my2, myv11, mzn11, na11, nah2, nap2, nds2, nds_nl2, ne3, new2, ng0, nl8, nn2, no2, nov11, nrm2, nso11, nv11, ny3, oc2, om11, or2, os11, pa2, pag11, pam2, pap11, pcd11, pdc11, pi0, pih11, pl8, pms2, pnb2, pnt11, ps11, pt8, qu2, rm11, rmy11, rn11, ro2, roa_rup11, roa_tara11, ru7, rue11, rw11, sa2, sah2, sc11, scn2, sco2, sd11, se11, sg0, sh9, si2, simple1, sk1, sl1, sm0, sn11, so11, sq1, sr1, srn11, ss0, st11, stq11, su1, sv8, sw1, szl11, ta1, te1, tet11, tg1, th1, ti11, tk1, tl3, tn11, to11, tpi11, tr1, ts11, tt1, tum0, tw11, ty11, tyv11, udm11, ug11, uk1, ur11, uz1, ve3, vec3, vep11, vi1, vls1, vo1, wa1, war1, wo11, wuu11, xal11, xh11, yi1, yo1, za0, zea11, zh1, zh_classical1, zh_min_nan1, zh_yue1, zu11

Wikiquote [89] af10, als9, am10, ang10, ar10, ast9, az0, be10, bg0, bm9, br9, bs0, ca10, co10, cr9, cs10, cy10, da10, de10, el10, en10, eo10, es0, et10, eu10, fa10, fi10, fr0, ga9, gl10, gu10, he0, hi10, hr10, hu10, hy10, id10, is10, it10, ja10, ka10, kk9, kn10, ko10, kr9, ks9, ku10, kw9, ky9, la10, lb9, li10, lt10, ml10, mr10, na9, nds9, nl10, nn10, no10, pl0, pt0, qu9, ro10, ru10, sa10, simple10, sk0, sl0, sq10, sr10, su10, sv10, ta10, te10, th10, tk9, tr10, tt9, ug9, uk0, ur10, uz10, vi10, vo9, wo9, za9, zh10, zh_min_nan9

Wikisource [64] ang10, ar0, as0, az0, be0, bg10, bn0, br0, bs0, ca0, cs0, cy0, da0, de0, el0, en0, eo0, es0, et0, fa0, fi0, fo10, fr0, gl10, gu0, he0, hr0, ht10, hu0, hy0, id0, is0, it0, ja0, kn0, ko0, la0, li10, lt10, mk10, ml0, mr10, nl0, no0, or10, pl0, pt0, ro0, ru0, sa0, sah10, sk10, sl0, sr0, sv0, ta0, te0, th0, tr0, uk0, vi0, yi0, zh0, zh_min_nan10

Wikiversity [14] beta9, cs9, de9, el9, en9, es9, fi9, fr9, it9, ja9, pt9, ru9, sl9, sv9

Wikispecial [8] commons7, incubator9, mediawiki9, meta9, nostalgia9, sources9, species9, wikidata6

Explanation The number behind each language code shows how many days ago the processing of the full archive dump for that language has been completed.This data gathering is only the first step in the wikistats job. Production of reports (tables, bar charts and plots) in over 25 languages is scheduled weekly, so it could take one more week before the new data are presented online.

Please be aware that data are only gathered for months up to but not including the month in which the data gathering job was run. For the largest wikis the dump process can take days or even weeks. Therefore data gathering for the current month would produce unbalanced results.

Underlined project name is for the project that was most recently updated (may still be running)

See also the database dump service progress report

xxn: Data gathering job for language xx finished n days ago
xxn: last month processed: Jan 2017
xxn: last month processed: Dec 2016
xxn: last month processed: Nov 2016
xxn: last month processed: Oct 2016 or older
xxn: wiki is closed
Bold text: job took an hour or more

Reports generated This section shows -per project per target language- the file age of index.html in days (for age < 24 hours in minutes). Note that a very recently generated report does not always contain counts up to the previous month. See above for how up to data counts are per project language. Color green here means: reports have been generated and published less than 30 days ago.

Wikispecial [28] ast 143 min, bg 143 min, br 143 min, ca 143 min, cs 142 min, da 142 min, de 144 min, [[en]] 144 min, eo 142 min, es 142 min, fr 141 min, he 141 min, hu 141 min, id 141 min, it 140 min, ja 140 min, nl 140 min, nn 140 min, pl 139 min, pt 139 min, ro 139 min, ru 139 min, sk 138 min, sl 138 min, sr 138 min, sv 138 min, wa 137 min, zh 137 min

Wikiversity [28] ast 151 min, bg 151 min, br 151 min, ca 151 min, cs 150 min, da 150 min, de 152 min, [[en]] 152 min, eo 150 min, es 150 min, fr 149 min, he 149 min, hu 149 min, id 148 min, it 148 min, ja 148 min, nl 148 min, nn 147 min, pl 147 min, pt 147 min, ro 147 min, ru 146 min, sk 146 min, sl 146 min, sr 145 min, sv 145 min, wa 145 min, zh 145 min

Wikisource [28] ast 176 min, bg 175 min, br 174 min, ca 173 min, cs 172 min, da 171 min, de 177 min, [[en]] 179 min, eo 171 min, es 170 min, fr 169 min, he 168 min, hu 167 min, id 166 min, it 165 min, ja 164 min, nl 163 min, nn 162 min, pl 161 min, pt 161 min, ro 160 min, ru 159 min, sk 158 min, sl 157 min, sr 156 min, sv 155 min, wa 154 min, zh 153 min

Wikiquote [28] ast 193 min, bg 192 min, br 192 min, ca 191 min, cs 191 min, da 190 min, de 193 min, [[en]] 194 min, eo 190 min, es 189 min, fr 189 min, he 188 min, hu 188 min, id 187 min, it 187 min, ja 186 min, nl 186 min, nn 185 min, pl 185 min, pt 184 min, ro 184 min, ru 183 min, sk 182 min, sl 182 min, sr 181 min, sv 181 min, wa 180 min, zh 180 min

Wikivoyage [28] ast 200 min, bg 200 min, br 200 min, ca 199 min, cs 199 min, da 199 min, de 200 min, [[en]] 201 min, eo 199 min, es 199 min, fr 198 min, he 198 min, hu 198 min, id 198 min, it 197 min, ja 197 min, nl 197 min, nn 197 min, pl 197 min, pt 196 min, ro 196 min, ru 196 min, sk 196 min, sl 195 min, sr 195 min, sv 195 min, wa 195 min, zh 194 min

Wikinews [28] ast 211 min, bg 211 min, br 210 min, ca 210 min, cs 209 min, da 209 min, de 211 min, [[en]] 212 min, eo 209 min, es 208 min, fr 208 min, he 208 min, hu 207 min, id 207 min, it 206 min, ja 206 min, nl 206 min, nn 205 min, pl 205 min, pt 205 min, ro 204 min, ru 204 min, sk 203 min, sl 203 min, sr 203 min, sv 202 min, wa 202 min, zh 202 min

Wiktionary [28] ast 273 min, bg 271 min, br 269 min, ca 266 min, cs 264 min, da 262 min, de 276 min, [[en]] 283 min, eo 259 min, es 257 min, fr 254 min, he 252 min, hu 250 min, id 247 min, it 245 min, ja 243 min, nl 240 min, nn 238 min, pl 235 min, pt 233 min, ro 231 min, ru 228 min, sk 226 min, sl 224 min, sr 221 min, sv 219 min, wa 217 min, zh 214 min

Wikibooks [28] ast 303 min, bg 302 min, br 302 min, ca 301 min, cs 300 min, da 299 min, de 304 min, [[en]] 306 min, eo 298 min, es 298 min, fr 297 min, he 296 min, hu 295 min, id 295 min, it 294 min, ja 293 min, nl 292 min, nn 291 min, pl 291 min, pt 290 min, ro 289 min, ru 288 min, sk 287 min, sl 287 min, sr 286 min, sv 285 min, wa 284 min, zh 283 min

Wikipedia [35] ast 624 min, bg 617 min, br 610 min, ca 603 min, cs 596 min, da 589 min, de 631 min, [[en]] 647 min, en_africa 135 min, en_america 133 min, en_artificial 122 min, en_asia 132 min, en_europe 127 min, en_india 137 min, en_oceania 123 min, eo 582 min, es 575 min, fr 568 min, he 561 min, hu 554 min, id 547 min, it 541 min, ja 534 min, nl 527 min, nn 520 min, pl 513 min, pt 506 min, ro 499 min, ru 492 min, sk 485 min, sl 478 min, sr 471 min, sv 465 min, wa 458 min, zh 451 min

Longest jobs

en 2 days 16 hrs
wx:wikidata 1 days 18 hrs
wx:commons 1 days 6 hrs
de 14 hrs
fr 12 hrs
es 8 hrs
ru 7 hrs
it 7 hrs
ja 6 hrs
wk:en 5 hrs
nl 5 hrs
pl 4 hrs
pt 4 hrs
sv 4 hrs
sh 4 hrs
zh 4 hrs
wk:fr 3 hrs
vi 3 hrs
wk:mg 2 hrs
ar 114 min
fa 109 min
uk 108 min
ca 106 min
ceb 100 min
no 100 min
he 98 min
hu 97 min
ko 95 min
fi 89 min
tr 88 min
wx:meta 86 min
cs 79 min
sr 69 min
id 68 min
ro 61 min
ws:fr 60 min

Project is Wikipedia unless noted otherwise:
wb=Wikibooks, wk=Wiktionary, wn=Wikinews, wo=Wikivoyage, wq=Wikiquote, ws=Wikisource, wv=Wikiversity, wx=Wikispecial

Total job length per project

Wikibooks  1 hours
Wiktionary  22 hours
Wikinews  1 hours
Wikivoyage  1 hours
Wikipedia  7 days 23 hours
Wikiquote  1 hours
Wikisource  4 hours
Wikiversity  0 hours
Wikispecial  3 days 2 hours
Total  12 days 6 hours

Author: Erik Zachte (Web site)
Mail: ezachte@### (no spam: ### =

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