Wikimedia Traffic Analysis Report - User Agent Overview

Monthly requests or daily averages, for period: 1 May 2013 - 31 May 2013 (last 12 months)
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 This analysis is based on a 1:1000 sampled server log (squids)

 See also: Requests by destination or by origin / Methods / Scripts / User Agents / Skins / Crawlers / Op.Sys. / Mobile devices / Browsers / Google / Country data / Traffic trends, and notes about reliability of these data

  Page views All requests
TotalTo mobileTo main siteSearch-based estimate[1]TotalTo mobileTo main siteTo other servers[2]
From all sources 
  From mobile devices18.72%
  From mobile browsers11.66%
  From tablet browsers4.09%
From other mobile browsers7.57%
Through WAP access-
From mobile apps7.06%
  Wikimedia Android apps2.43%
Other Android apps0.75%
Wikimedia iOS apps2.43%
Other iOS apps1.46%
Unspecified apps0.00%
From non-mobile devices81.28%


Breakdown of traffic from mobile devicesPage viewsTotal requestsSearch-based estimate[1]
From mobile browsers96.73%95.50%62.28%
  From tablet browsers21.32%23.23%21.85%
From other mobile browsers75.38%72.11%40.42%
Through WAP access0.04%0.16%-
From mobile apps3.27%4.50%37.72%
  Wikimedia Android apps0.02%1.70%12.97%
Other Android apps2.00%0.35%4.02%
Wikimedia iOS apps0.01%1.25%12.96%
Other iOS apps1.23%1.19%7.78%
Unspecified apps0.00%0.00%0.00%

[1]: Various mobile apps use the user's browser to show most Wikipedia pages. This includes Wikimedia's own iOS app upto early April 2012. Thus, in the data here they are underrepresented. The percentages in the 'estimate' column are based on the search-related api which is visible, at least for the iOS app. Thus they give a more reliable estimate of the actual use of applications on Wikipedia.

[2]: The great majority of the traffic to 'other' servers is images from

Errata: No data loss or anomalies reported

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