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  1.  Wikimedia Report Card (monthly core metrics)
  2.  Wikistats Monthly Reports (content and activity, lots of tables)
  3.  Content of Wikipedia pages by class (breakdown content)
  4.  Individual Page Views - (very popular)
  5.  Wiki Viewstats (most extensive page view/edit metrics)
  6.  WikiTrends (new site in 2014)
  7.  Summaries for all Wikimedia Wikis (trends and basic stats)
  8.  Monthly Page Views (pie charts)
  9.  Page Edits and Reverts (trend plots)
  10.  Moodbar (user feedback)
  11.  Overview Recent Months (many metrics, all languages)
  12.  Growth per Language Edition (animation)
  13.  Page Views - Trending Topics (very recent data)
  14.  Web Stats - Alexa (many years our main ranking site)
  15.  Google Trends (which terms are trending, and where?)
  16.  Edit Rates - WikiChecker
  17.  Recent Anonymous Edits
  18.  WMF Dashboards (site performance)
  19.  Book Tool (sales data)
  20.  Growth per Major Project (all projects at a glance)
  21.  Traffic surge I (anecdotal)
  22.  Log Analysis Oct 2007 - Dragons flight (very old)

1  Wikimedia Report Card (monthly core metrics)

comScore: unique visitors / reach
page views: all projects / mobile site
editors: new / active editors / very active editors
content: total articles / new articles / binaries on commons
edits: edits

Author David Schoonover, Dan Andreescu

Tags:charts,lineplots,csv,reportcard,limn,monthly,comscore,wikistats,unique vistors,uv,
xml dumps,reach,regions,mobile site,editors,articles,edits,pageviews,content

2  Wikistats Monthly Reports (content and activity, lots of tables)


Foundation Wiki Meta
Wikispecies Incubator
Other Projects

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:dumps,tables,barcharts,trends,yearly,monthly,glance,new articles,totals,counts,active,

3  Content of Wikipedia pages by class (breakdown content)

Author Wikipedia editors

Tags:pie chart,piechart,pie-chart,content,class,page

4  Individual Page Views - (very popular)

Article views per month or year, based on files

Author Henrik

Note: it is possible to request data in json format (structured data for use in other tools,
each month is represented by an array of 32 values starting with a 0)
For yearly stats remove month number manually from url.

See also this extensive FAQ

Tags:charts,bars,daily,monthly,article,view,page view,pageviews,dammit

5  Wiki Viewstats (most extensive page view/edit metrics)

Article view/edit metrics, mainly based on files

Bar and line charts. Time period can be adjusted. User interface in many languages.
Many namespaces are supported. All Wikimedia projects and languages are supported.
Searches can be saved. Own contributions can be analyzed. Patrol/review logs can be analyzed.
Articles can be shown ranked by popularity.
View trends for different articles can be compared, even between projects and languages
See also full list of features

Author Hedonil, see also team page

Tags:charts,bars,lineplots,daily,monthly,articles,page edits,page views,pageviews,dammit

6  WikiTrends (new site in 2014)

Article views per month or year, based on files

Trend lines for several articles can be shown in one chart
Time period covered can be adjusted
Total pageviews presented for any article include hits for its redirects
Linear, logarithmic and normalized vertical scales are possible.

Only English Wikipedia is supported (March 2014)

Authors Alex Druk and Sergey Chernyshev

Tags:charts,lineplots,daily,monthly,articles,page views,pageviews,dammit

7  Summaries for all Wikimedia Wikis (trends and basic stats)

Summary reports contain a table with basic metrics for one wiki, plus yearly and monthly changes.
Also the following trends are charted: total articles, new articles, active editors, page views.

There are sets of summaries per project:
Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, Wikisource and Other Projects.

For Wikipedia there are also sets of summaries per region:
Africa, America’s, Asia, Europe, India, Oceania, and also for Artificial Languages.

For every wiki there is also a link to its summary report in the project sitemaps: 
Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, Wikisource and Other Projects.

Author Erik Zachte


8  Monthly Page Views (pie charts)

Page Views Absolute
Page Views Relative

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:pie charts,page views,pageviews,breakdown,absolute,relative,wikibooks,wiktionary,

9  Page Edits and Reverts (trend plots)

Tables show edits and revert counts for registered and anonymous users, and bots

Charts show edit trends per language project, for same three classes of editors
plus revert trend for all classes combined

Tables and charts listed here link to more detailed pages, with extensive edit and
revert stats per language project, like this one for the English Wikipedia

Wikipedia Table & Charts / Wikibooks Table & Charts / Wikinews Table & Charts
Wikiquote Table & Charts / Wikisource Table & Charts / Wikiversity Table & Charts
Wiktionary Table & Charts / Other projects Table & Charts

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:tables,charts,lineplots,trends,per language,edit history,edits,edit counts,revert history,
reverts,revert counts,bots,registered users,anonymous users,anons

10  Moodbar (user feedback)

Moodbar, total daily posts, also breakdown by editor class
Wikilove, daily messages
Article Feedback Trend, daily ratings, also ratings per page view
Article Feedback per Article

Tags:charts,lineplots,happy,sad,confused,trends,chartsm, unique daily posts,moodbar,

Author Dario Taraborelli

11  Overview Recent Months (many metrics, all languages)

Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikispecial, Wiktionary

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:tables,matrix,bars,charts,average growth,recent months,contributors,editors,new,active,
articles,article count, new,bytes,words,links,images,binaries,redirects,external

12  Growth per Language Edition (animation)

These animations are pure javascript (html 5, canvas object) and require a modern browser
For other browsers there is a Flash recording

Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikispecial, Wiktionary

Author Erik Zachte


13  Page Views - Trending Topics (very recent data)

Article views per day, week, month or year, based on files

Author Pete Skomoroch (Data Wrangling)


14  Web Stats - Alexa (many years our main ranking site)

Author Alexa


15  Google Trends (which terms are trending, and where?)

Search volume, annotated with major events, by Google

Author Google

Tags:charts,lineplots,interest,regional,searches,reach,pageviews,page views,compare,
locations,time ranges,terms,worldwide,traffic,popular,charts,sites,compare,country,countries,

16  Edit Rates - WikiChecker



17  Recent Anonymous Edits

Anonymous edits per day/hour for any month

Author user Krinkle (see also many other tools by Krinkle)

Tags:charts,bars,lineplots,recent anonymous activity,day,hour,month,anons,tools,krinkle

18  WMF Dashboards (site performance)

Frontend: Page Load Timing: User-perceived Page Load Times
MediaWiki: API Methods
MediaWiki: Article Methods: MediaWiki Article Class Metrics
MediaWiki: Data Stores: High Level Access to Data Stores (core mysql, external store, memcached)
MediaWiki: EditPage Methods: MediaWiki EditPage Class Metrics
MediaWiki: FileBackendStore: MediaWiki FileBackendStore, StreamFile, and LockManager
MediaWiki: IndexPager: MediaWiki IndexPagers
MediaWiki: Job Queue Rate: Hourly Async Job Queue Rate
MediaWiki: MobileFrontend: MediaWiki MobileFrontend Extension
MediaWiki: Parser Cache: Hitrate and Latency
MediaWiki: Parser Functions
MediaWiki: PoolCounter: PoolCounter Client Stats
MediaWiki: Search Latency: Lucene Search Latency
MediaWiki: Total Backend Latency: Averaged Latency Across All Backend PHP Requests
Varnish: All HTTP Requests: Pageviews and Requests for All Wikis
Varnish: Edits By Top Wikis: Edit and Edit+Submission Requests for Top Wikis
Varnish: HTTP Error Rate: Rate of 4/5xx Requests
Varnish: Mobile Traffic: Mobile Pageviews for Top Wikis
Varnish: Pageviews By Top Wikis: Pageviews and Requests for Top Wikis
VisualEditor: Latency: Editor Activation and Save Complete Timing

Author Ori Livneh

desktops,varnish,mediawiki,frontends,backends,code deploys,data browser,http requests,
page loads,latency,hitrate,articles,core mysql,exterenal store, memcached,lucene,submission,
save completion,activation,submission,requests,job queues,timing,user perceived,navigation,
load event,indexpagers,backend,visualeditor,hours,days,months

19  Book Tool (sales data)

Author Erik Zachte


20  Growth per Major Project (all projects at a glance)

(click to zoom in)

Author Erik Zachte


21  Traffic surge I (anecdotal)

More on this page views analysis at my blog post Sarah Palin
See also blog post US presidential election 2008

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:charts,lineplots,traffic,page views,pageviews,peaks,spikes,surges,wikipedias,elections,
sarah palin,joe biden,running mates

 Traffic surge II (anecdotal)

More on this page views analysis at my blog post H1N1 Flu or New Flu or …

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:charts,lineplots,traffic,page views,pageviews,page requests,peaks,spikes,surges,
wikipedias,swine flu,influenza

22  Log Analysis Oct 2007 - Dragons flight (very old)

Many charts: Edit rate - Edits per article - Revert rate - New articles,
new users, new administrators - Uploads and admin actions

Author Dragons flight

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