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  1.  Gallery of Visualizations (eye candy)
  2.  Server Topology (operational stats)
  3.  Wikipedia Categories Treemap (image views per archive donation)
  4.  Growth per Major Project (all projects at a glance)

1  Gallery of Visualizations (eye candy)

Many authors

See also 'See, also', curated by {{Hatnote}}

Tags:viz,visualisations,diagrams,animations,history flow,chromogram,power struggle,wordle,
wikipediavision,wikipedia effect,top 50 visited articles, clusterball, knowledge engine,
language development,article for deletion discussions, state of wikipedia, terra incognita,
UDC, universal decimal classification,history of the world, 100 seconds, wikidashboard,
revertgraph, global article growth,pediameter,thousand fibers connect us,animated growth,
wikipedia edits on a random day

2  Server Topology (operational stats)

Mouse-over a cluster name to see the hosted wikis, Click a host to get ganglia graphs.

Tags:diagrams,servers,topology,reporting,replicate,replicating,lags,shards,active threads,
slow,qps,sampled,analyze,real time analysis,ganglia,cluster,hosts,hosted,wikis,graphs

3  Wikipedia Categories Treemap (image views per archive donation)

Interactive treemap visualizes breakdown of German Wikipedia by category.
Colors are based on number of articles or page views per category.

Author Björn Höhrmann

page views,pageviews,squares,median,Bjorn Hormann,Björn Höhrmann

4  Growth per Major Project (all projects at a glance)

(click to zoom in)

Author Erik Zachte


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