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  1.  Wikipedia Views/Edits per Country/Language (geo info)
  2.  Server Requests (defunct, replaced by Traffic Breakdown)
  3.  Traffic Breakdown

1  Wikipedia Views/Edits per Country/Language (geo info)

These reports are based on our traffic logs. Page views and page edits are geo-located,
by looking up ip addresses.

The 'per country overview' reports present totals, either views or edits, on four different levels:
1:worldwide, 2:global north and south, 3:continent and 4:country.
The 'per language overview' report shows per language from which countries most page views
or edits have been received.

Wikipedia Page Views / Page Edits per Country - Overview
Wikipedia Page Views / Page Edits per Country - Breakdown
Wikipedia Page Views / Page Edits per Country - Trends
Wikipedia Page Views / Page Edits per Language - Breakdown

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:tables,bars,trends,yearly,monthly,quarterly,total,counts,pageviews,page views,edits,

2  Server Requests (defunct, replaced by Traffic Breakdown)

This analysis is based on a traffic logs (aka squid logs)

Note: WMF stores one in thousand log lines for a limited period, hence read all counts x 1000.


Non-Mobile Browsers
Mobile Browsers

Author Erik Zachte

Tags:tabels,matrix,lineplots,breakdowns,destinations,sources,referers,mime types,files,
categories,category,agent strings,user agent,UA,totals,counts,pageviews,page views,
html requests,squids,logs,traffic,requests,maxmind

3  Traffic Breakdown

Analysis of WMF traffic, based on the unsampled hadoop/hive data stream.


Author WMF Analytics Team

March 2016 this replaced those legacy Wikistats traffic reports that were marked by users
as particularly valuable, in this survey. New reports were added as well.

user agent,UA,totals,percentages,counts,pageviews,page views,
html requests,server requests,logs,traffic,hadoop,hive,maxmind

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