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  1.  Gallery of Visualizations (eye candy)
  2.  Wikimedia Report Card (monthly core metrics)
  3.  Web Stats - Alexa (many years our main ranking site)
  4.  RIPE latency map (site performance)
  5.  Unique Visitors - @comScore Data on Wikimedia (outdated)

1  Gallery of Visualizations (eye candy)

Many authors

See also 'See, also', curated by {{Hatnote}}

Tags:viz,visualisations,diagrams,animations,history flow,chromogram,power struggle,wordle,
wikipediavision,wikipedia effect,top 50 visited articles, clusterball, knowledge engine,
language development,article for deletion discussions, state of wikipedia, terra incognita,
UDC, universal decimal classification,history of the world, 100 seconds, wikidashboard,
revertgraph, global article growth,pediameter,thousand fibers connect us,animated growth,
wikipedia edits on a random day

2  Wikimedia Report Card (monthly core metrics)

comScore: unique visitors / reach
page views: all projects / mobile site
editors: new / active editors / very active editors
content: total articles / new articles / binaries on commons
edits: edits

Author David Schoonover, Dan Andreescu

Tags:charts,lineplots,csv,reportcard,limn,monthly,comscore,wikistats,unique vistors,uv,
xml dumps,reach,regions,mobile site,editors,articles,edits,pageviews,content

3  Web Stats - Alexa (many years our main ranking site)

Author Alexa


4  RIPE latency map (site performance)

Which Wikimedia datacenter serves which parts of the globe with minimal latency (fastest)?

See also this interactive version

Author Faidon Liambiotis (WMF), with Emile Aben at RIPE Labs

Tags:traffic,fastest speed,lowest latencies,datacenters,data centers,visitors,viewers,
views,gdnsd,DNS,PoP,CDN,Content Delivery Network,points of presence,
Amsterdam, Ashburn, San Francisco, Dallas

5  Unique Visitors - @comScore Data on Wikimedia (outdated)

Author Stu

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