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Tuesday January 31, 2017

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Monthly trend in number of edits

Also shown is monthly trend for total reverts, for scale comparison

Chart shows absolute numbers (y axis scale shows number of edits relative (%) to busiest month)

Plot Edits   Plot Edits

Monthly trend in revert activity, relative to edit volume

Per x edits, were anonymous edits reverted more often than edits by bots or by registered users?

Chart shows ratio reverts:edits per class of editors (registered or anonymous users or bots).
Note: often peaks in revert ratio in early years are not so significant as in later years:
low absolute edit counts easily led to high fluctuations in revert ratio.

Plot Reverts   Plot Reverts

Revert ratio is ratio reverts:edits per class of editors (registered or anonymous users or bots).
Only reverts detected by sha1 matching are considered here, not (partial) manual reverts only detectable by edit comment.

Reverts is less than reverted edits! Sometimes several edits are undone with one revert.
Reverts broken down by number of reverted edits: 1 edit:75%, 2 edits:13%, 3 edits:5%, 4 edits:2%, 5 edits:2%, >5 edits:4%

When several revisions were reverted in one action, the oldest reverted revision determines editor class (and coloring):
is this a reverted user edit (reg/anon) or a reverted bot edit?

Distribution of reverts

Breakdown per namespace, type of reverted editor (registered or anonymous user or bot), type of reverter (same), was it a self revert or not, per time period.
Note: a high percentage in any segment can relate to a high absolute number of edits for that segment, or a high revert ratio, or both (please consult charts above for context)
.Projects pages are excluded due to enormous amount of false positives: some status pages are cleared often as normal process

 Distribution of reverts, each subdivision adds up to 100%
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
Articles69.3%Reg user17.4%Reg user89.7%Self58.1%
Anon user7.5%
Anon user69.0%Reg user83.2%
Anon user16.7%Self78.6%
Bot11.5%Reg user4.1%
Anon user0.6%
Unknown2.2%Reg User82.0%
Anon User15.6%
30.7%Reg user68.4%
Anon user17.3%
Unknown = comments mentions (partial) revert, but no sha1 match
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous
 Distribution of reverts, each percentage is share of total reverts
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
Articles69.3%Reg user12.0%Reg user10.8%Self6.3%
Anon user0.9%
Anon user47.8%Reg user39.8%
Anon user8.0%Self6.3%
Bot8.0%Reg user0.3%
Anon user0.0%
Unknown1.5%Reg User1.2%
Anon User0.2%
30.7%Reg user21.0%
Anon user5.3%
Unknown = comments mentions (partial) revert, but no sha1 match
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous
 Distribution of reverts, per year and type
 totals reverts per year
423205195155227941 k6557429122 k55816518

 Distribution of reverts, like table above, but percentages are share
 of sha1 detected reverts only, for article namespace only
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
 Reg user17.8%Reg user15.9%Self9.3%
Anon user1.3%
Anon user70.5%Reg user58.7%
Anon user11.8%Self9.3%
Bot11.7%Reg user0.5%
Anon user0.1%
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous

 Distribution of reverts, like table above, but percentages are
 share of sha1 detected reverts only, for article namespace only
 totals reverts per year
342502943863915691 k584627602577308977

Top Rankings

 Most Active Reverters  Most Reverted Editors  Most Reverted Articles  Most Reverted Other Non-Project Pages 
# Rv User/Bot # Rv User/Bot # Rv Article # RvPage
655BimBot654BimBot626Libro di cucina/Ricette-Zuppe e minestre150User:Wim b/monobook.js
562Wim b59Wim b206Problemi di matematica per le classi elementari140User:Wim b/Status
546Ramac39Diablo113Metin2/Il drop83User talk:Wim b
466Hippias31Flavio73Risolvere il cubo di Rubik80User:Flavio/Status
329LoStrangolatore25Pufui PcPifpef64Pallavolo38User:Mac9/Sandbox/Costituzione della Repubblica italiana
253The Doc25Peeragogia55Francese/Grammatica/Verbo essere31Template:Inglese
179Melquíades23The Doc54Apicoltura/Miele30User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/7
169Pietrodn22Ramac52Latino/Complementi24User:Wim b/Stato
157Diablo21Elenaf40Metin2/Le quest/Elenco missioni di caccia21Template:Stato
108Frigotoni19Xinstalker39Inglese/Avverbi di frequenza20Template:Avviso cancellazione
86Buggia19Pasquale.Carelli38Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/Il lupo19User:Luca Ghio/Sandbox/sub
55Vituzzu18LoStrangolatore37Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/Lo scoiattolo19User:Diablo
52Ilaria17Pietrodn33Francese/Grammatica/Verbo avere18User:Pasquale.Carelli/Sandbox
42Wutsje1682.58.73.10831Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/Il pipistrello17User:Xinstalker
24Snowdog14Daniele Pugliesi31Inglese/Numeri cardinali16Template:Copertina
24Pufui PcPifpef12Nick191530Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/Il gufo16Talk:Pagina principale
24Elenaf12151.27.65.20230Spagnolo/Grammatica/Le tre coniugazioni16Template:Avviso copyviol
23Savh11Codice1000~itwikibooks30Libro di cucina/Cocktail16User:Wim b/aggiornamenti.js
22Xinstalker1084.222.16.21428Matematica per le superiori/Prodotti notevoli16User:Wim b/monobook.css
22Pasquale.Carelli10Riccardo Rovinetti27Inglese/Preposizioni di tempo at in on15Help:Sportello informazioni
20Stefanomencarelli10!Manihiki27Italia/Geografia/Clima15User talk:Scienziato
18Az156810FrescoBot26Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/La volpe15User:LoStrangolatore/Germania/Lingua
17Flavio9Anal9725Francese/Grammatica/Articoli determinativi15User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/6
17Riccardo Rovinetti9Sommacal Alfonso24Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco/Il cervo14User talk:Diablo
15AGeremia9Laghi.l23Storia della letteratura italiana/Mario Luzi14User:Wim b/Sandbox2
13Nick19158Alfisomm23Disposizioni foniche di organi a canne14User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/5
13Jomegat8Gennaro di Jacovo22Calcio/Ruoli12User:Wim b/Lista immediate
12Codeks8CdC8621Inglese/Pronomi personali complemento12Template:Wikijunior Gli animali del bosco
12Hellisp8Francescost20Metin2/Le quest12User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/2
11Gennaro di Jacovo8Silia lea20Tribal Wars11User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/1
11Laghi.l779.20.55.7120Vocabolario di lingua etrusca11MediaWiki:FasiAvanzamento.js
11Morza781.211.143.22020Biliardo all'italiana10User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/3
10Guidomac7Carlo.milanesi19Metin2/Il Cavallo10User:Wim b/MonobookRelease
10Francescost7Tek332718Yu-Gi-Oh!/Per un Deck più forte10User:LoStrangolatore/sandboxes/8
10Codice1000~itwikibooks7Virex18Inglese/Aggettivi possessivi9User:Riccardo Rovinetti/Sandbox 20
9R5b7Hippias18Matematica per le superiori/Scomposizione di polinomi9User talk:Massimiliano Lincetto
9RadiX6AGeremia17Yu-Gi-Oh!/Carte famose9Help:Fasi di sviluppo
9151.75.63.2016Emanuele Benni16Latino/Esercizi/Prima declinazione8Template:Icona del titolo
8R5b43682.61.175.5716Spagnolo/Grammatica/Numeri cardinali8Help:Wikificare
8Daniele677.43.98.15416Spagnolo/Grammatica/Altri verbi ausiliari al presente8Template:Russo
8CdC86681.208.13.17116Libro di cucina/Ricette/Tiramisù8User:Wim b/copyright immagini
8Shaka5Giulyfree15Wikijunior Dinosauri/T-Rex8Template:Breve
8Stryn5Raf15Esercizi di fisica con soluzioni8Template:Sommario V
8RamaccoloBot5213.175.2.5015Scacchi/Aperture di base8User talk:Wim b/Sandbox2
8Basilicofresco5Deangelisnic15Geometria per le medie inferiori/Teorema di Pitagora7User talk:Flavio
Bot names are in dark red 
#Rv is revert actions, not reverted revisions (sometimes a revert action undoes several revisions).
Only reverts detected by sha1 match are considered here, not (partial) reverts only detectable via comments.
Projects pages are excluded due to enormous amount of false positives: some status pages are cleared often as normal process

Wikibooks are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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Data processed up to Tuesday January 31, 2017

Please note that the lengthy dump process (many weeks) means a delay in publishing these statistics is always to be expected.

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