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  Dec 2017: WMF Analytics Team is happy to announce the first release of Wikistats 2

  Wikistats has been redesigned for architectural simplicity, faster data processing, and a more dynamic and interactive user experience. The data used in the reports will also be made available for external processing.  

  First goal is to match the numbers of the current system, and to provide the most important reports, as decided by the Wikistats community (see survey).  
  Over time, we will continue to migrate reports and add new ones that you find useful. We can also analyze the data in new and interesting ways, and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.  

These charts are no longer updated and are only kept for historic reference.

Since 2011 there is a summary page for every wiki, where core metrics are plotted.
For individual summaries follow links from project sitemap.
There are also collections of summaries per project.

For comparison between several languages see the new report card.

WikipediaSitemapSummary collection
WikibooksSitemapSummary collection
WiktionarySitemapSummary collection
WikinewsSitemapSummary collection
WikiquoteSitemapSummary collection
WikisourceSitemapSummary collection
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top 1: en - pt (..120) 2: de - sl (..20) 3: sl - no (..12) 4: no - nl (..10)  

top 1: en - pt (..120) 2: de - sl (..20) 3: sl - no (..12) 4: no - nl (..10)  

top 1: en - pt (..120) 2: de - sl (..20) 3: sl - no (..12) 4: no - nl (..10)  

top 1: en - pt (..120) 2: de - sl (..20) 3: sl - no (..12) 4: no - nl (..10)  

Wikiboks are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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