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  May 2016: The major overhaul of Wikistats reports has entered a new phase.  

  First phase focused on migrating the traffic analysis reports to our new infrastructure. Those are operational now.  
  The Analytics Team will now proceed to also migrate data collection and reporting about wiki content and contributors.  
  First results are expected later this year.  

  More info at this announcement
  You can see the first wireframes for Wikistats 2.0 and comment on the design here.

These charts are no longer updated and are only kept for historic reference.

Since 2011 there is a summary page for every wiki, where core metrics are plotted.
For individual summaries follow links from project sitemap.
There are also collections of summaries per project.

For comparison between several languages see the new report card.

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top 1: en - pt (..250) 2: fr - ru (..80) 3: ru - pl (..30) 4: pl - vi (..20)  

top 1: en - pt (..250) 2: fr - ru (..80) 3: ru - pl (..30) 4: pl - vi (..20)  

top 1: en - pt (..250) 2: fr - ru (..80) 3: ru - pl (..30) 4: pl - vi (..20)  

top 1: en - pt (..250) 2: fr - ru (..80) 3: ru - pl (..30) 4: pl - vi (..20)  

Wikipedias are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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