Animated growth figures per Wikimedia project

Design and implementation Erik Zachte. Thanks to Hans Rosling for inspiration.
The animation is processor intensive (html5 canvas): close browser tab after use.
Static version, Wikipedia only (8 Mb Flash)    Interactive version, all projects (requires modern browser)
The animation shows 4 aspects of the development of a project:
  • X-axis: Age of a project
  • Y-axis: Number of articles per project
  • Circle size: Number of editors per project
  • Color: Maturity of content (blue=mostly stubs, violet=mostly larger articles)
Click on any circle during or after the animation to show the full history of one language wiki.
In the example below you can see how the Spanish Wikipedia restarted its community after the so called Spanish Fork.
You can switch between linear and logarithmic scale (last one works best), show all languages at same size, show or hide language codes.
You can switch between Wikimedia projects, and change the size of the animation, see links below the chart.