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 Wikiquoters - Contributors 
Wikiquoters who edited at least 10 times since they arrived

 Wikiquoters - New wikiquoters 
Increase in wikiquoters who edited at least 10 times since they arrived

 Wikiquoters - Active wikiquoters 
Wikiquoters who contributed 5 times or more in this month

 Wikiquoters - Very active wikiquoters 
Wikiquoters who contributed 100 times or more in this month

Wikiquoters - Articles - Database - Links

 Articles - Article count (official) 
Articles that contain at least one internal link

 Articles - New articles per day 
New articles per day in this month

 Articles - Edits per article 
Mean number of revisions per article

 Articles - Bytes per article 
Mean size of article in bytes

Wikiquoters - Articles - Database - Links

 Database - Edits per month 
Edits in past month (incl. redirects, incl. unregistered contributors, incl. bots)

 Database - Database size 
Combined size of all articles (incl. redirects)

 Database - Words 
Total number of words (excl. redirects, html/wiki codes and hidden links)

Wikiquoters - Articles - Database - Links

 Links - Internal links 
Total number of internal links (excl. redirects, stubs and link lists)

 Links - Links to other Wikimedia sites 
Total number of links to other Wikimedia sites

 Links - Binaries 
Total number of images presented

 Links - External links 
Total number of links to other sites

 Links - Redirects 
Total number of redirects

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