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Bot article creations only (see also all bot editing activity) Only registered bots have been included. Only article namespace(s) have been counted.
Names registered as bot on 10 projects or more are assumed to be bot on all projects.

  Dec 2017: WMF Analytics Team is happy to announce the first release of Wikistats 2

  Wikistats has been redesigned for architectural simplicity, faster data processing, and a more dynamic and interactive user experience. The data used in the reports will also be made available for external processing.  

  First goal is to match the numbers of the current system, and to provide the most important reports, as decided by the Wikistats community (see survey).  
  Over time, we will continue to migrate reports and add new ones that you find useful. We can also analyze the data in new and interesting ways, and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.  

Project wide totals (Σ) for all bots combined will only be shown when data for top 20 wikis are available. No data yet for languages: ja, sl.
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Σ total articles created2.2 M2.6 M643 k777 k215 k430 k412 k663 k184 k81 k14 k20 k27 k19 k73 k19 k17 k52 k70 k20 k16 k84 k411 k37 k6.4 k722 k6.3 k34 k8.9 k20 k71 k16 k23 k8.0 k13 k11 k22 k11 k28 k63 k21 k20 k61 k2.4 k4.5 k19 k71 k3.0 k7.8 k8147742.0 k47 k2.3 k5022.8 k5.4 k2.9 k4488962.3 k76 k
Σ manually created articles1.4 M1.5 M263 k696 k73 k300 k227 k553 k162 k11 k14 k19 k11 k11 k35 k18 k12 k52 k47 k20 k16 k48 k14 k33 k6.4 k47 k6.3 k33 k8.9 k13 k64 k16 k22 k8.0 k13 k11 k22 k11 k28 k56 k11 k19 k38 k2.4 k4.4 k19 k69 k3.0 k7.8 k8147742.0 k28 k2.3 k5022.8 k5.4 k2.9 k4488961.2 k70 k
Σ articles created by bots754 k1.1 M380 k81 k142 k130 k185 k110 k22 k69 k-1.1 k16 k7.4 k39 k8814.7 k1223 k--37 k398 k3.7 k-675 k-1.0 k-6.6 k7.0 k9467----203536.8 k9.8 k61023 k-9992.2 k-----19 k----46--1.1 k6.4 k
Share of articles created by bots35%44%59%10%66%30%45%17%12%86%-6%60%40%53%5%28%0%33%--44%97%10%-93%-3%-33%10%0%2%----0%1%11%47%3%37%-2%0%3%-----40%----2%--46%8%
Phe-bot810 k48 k600 k  104 k  22 k 4.7 k  140  3.0 k  8.9 k 333   18 k   
ThomasBot386 k23 k345 k 49115 k 1     99   1.8 k   575   47 
TarmstroBot289 k289 k             
TamilBOT275 k     275 k         
SumitaBot266 k     266 k       46  467 
TarunnoBot172 k     172 k        
TextworkerBot163 k 163 k             
WikitanvirBot161 k     161 k        
BotLegger154 k 154 k             
Mjbot152 k152 k      213       
YannBot126 k96126 k             
AkBot104 k  104 k            
Testbot85 k 85 k            
LA2-bot76 k61 k 9.8 k     5.5 k     70     
Ravidreamsbot60 k     60 k         
D7eameBot58 k  58 k           
BenchBot50 k50 k             
Alebot50 k  49 k  824   405       
FinanzerBot47 k 47 k            
MarcBot44 k 44 k             
Erel Import Bot43 k 43 k            
JVbot41 k40 k399      468       
LiouxiaoBot40 k 40 k             
NasirkhanBot36 k     36 k        
Wikisource-bot31 k31 k             
Commons sibiBOT30 k     30 k         
Fkraus29 k 29 k            
HinoteBot29 k 29 k             
Info-farmerBot28 k     6.7 k 21 k        
Polbot25 k25 k             
P-bot21 k 21 k             
KåreBot20 k         20 k     
Liangent-bot19 k 19 k             
Innocent bot18 k     18 k         
MonkBot18 k 18 k            
Rabe Socke18 k 18 k            
BrolloBot17 k  12 k            5.1 k 
AravindgdBOT16 k     16 k         
PedramBot16 k   16 k           
Simsalabim-bot12 k     12 k         
Feminaria12 k  12 k            
Obaydb11 k  11 k           
Riccardobot11 k11 k             
ButkoBot11 k 11 k             
Giro bot10 k   10 k          
B1m-bot10 k  10 k            
שולחן עורך9.4 k 9.4 k            
ArndBot9.2 k 9.2 k            
JoyBot9.1 k     9.1 k        
TeakyBot8.6 k    8.6 k          
XelgenBot8.1 k    8.1 k          
BnFBoT7.2 k 7.2 k             
Lunobot7.0 k 7.0 k             
MpaaBot6.4 k6.4 k             
Shanmugambot6.1 k     6.1 k         
Bodhisattwa-bot6.0 k     6.0 k        
ZSBot5.9 k5.9 k             
555.bot5.9 k   5.9 k          
TripitakaBot5.8 k   5.8 k           
Samskritabharatibot5.1 k      5.1 k       
Un1c0s bot5.0 k  5.0 k            
Rabot5.0 k 5.0 k             
PoliticalBot4.2 k4.2 k             
ՋոկերԲոտ4.2 k    4.2 k          
ChVABOT4.1 k 4.1 k             
AlohaBOT3.9 k  3.9 k            
RahmanuddinBot3.7 k     186  378  2.6 k     552 
THEbotIT3.7 k 3.7 k            
DixonDBot3.6 k     3.6 k         
CatrinsBot3.2 k 3.2 k            
Pavan santhoshBot3.2 k        3.2 k     
DougBot2.9 k538      2.2 k       177 
TolBotAdam2.8 k 2.8 k            
BellayetBot2.5 k     2.5 k        
AlphaRhoBot2.3 k 2.3 k             
File Upload Bot (LA2)~enwikisource2.2 k2.2 k             
AnanthBot2.2 k          2.2 k    
Cabot2.1 k 2.1 k             
LetterBot1.9 k    1.9 k          
AftabBot1.9 k     1.9 k        
Beau.bot1.7 k  1.7 k            
NakamuraBot1.6 k   1.6 k           
Sanskritnlpbot1.5 k      1.5 k       
InductiveBot1.5 k1.5 k             
Thurs-bot1.3 k     1.3 k         
DamonBot1.2 k1.2 k             
LogicwikiBot1.2 k     1.2 k         
OpenLawBot1.2 k 1.2 k            
Nemobot1.1 k   1.1 k           
OwtbBot1.1 k            1.1 k 
Robot Monk954 954            
KrattBot890        890     
AndreasBot881   881          
Selvanbot834     834         
KRLS Bot790      790        
Tsca.bot748  748            
Dineshkumar Ponnusamy BOT710     710         
NinoBot628  628            
Abhinavgarule(Bot)610         610     
Mpradeepbot573        573     
SKbot520 519  1            
FBobeBot467       467       
Londobot416 416             
Vyzbot350        350     
Xenophon (bot)347347             
CandalBot332  332            
TshrinivasanBOT327     327         
Balubot315        315      
PDDbot264 264            
Padbot260 260            
ZaranBot254 254             
TARBOT219  219           
Schlep (bot)180180             
IPorkBot180  180            
Alex brolloBot158158             
Textdumper154 154            
AuBot153  153            
MarcBot~lawikisource152      152       
Anskarbot143      143        
Arjunaraocbot108        108     

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Data processed up to Friday November 30, 2018

Please note that the lengthy dump process (many weeks) means a delay in publishing these statistics is always to be expected.

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