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All bot editing activity (see also bot article creations only) Only registered bots have been included. Only article namespace(s) have been counted.
Names registered as bot on 10 projects or more are assumed to be bot on all projects.

  Dec 2017: WMF Analytics Team is happy to announce the first release of Wikistats 2

  Wikistats has been redesigned for architectural simplicity, faster data processing, and a more dynamic and interactive user experience. The data used in the reports will also be made available for external processing.  

  First goal is to match the numbers of the current system, and to provide the most important reports, as decided by the Wikistats community (see survey).  
  Over time, we will continue to migrate reports and add new ones that you find useful. We can also analyze the data in new and interesting ways, and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.  

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Σ total edits5.0 M2.7 M760 k366 k174 k313 k86 k63 k90 k99 k98 k62 k46 k27 k12 k17 k52 k15 k
Σ manual edits4.4 M2.5 M685 k242 k145 k245 k83 k50 k87 k88 k87 k38 k45 k18 k9.0 k16 k44 k13 k
Σ edits by bots569 k186 k75 k123 k29 k68 k2.8 k14 k2.6 k11 k11 k24 k3438.5 k2.8 k1488.7 k1.9 k
Share of edits by bots11.4%7%10%34%17%22%3%22%3%11%11%39%1%31%24%1%17%13%
Andyrom bot104 k356 100 k 1.7 k  1.5 k 
Wrh2Bot61 k58 k 1.2 k1.2 k361 320   
Crochet.david.bot61 k5843.6 k54042155 k739 267315 2203 
Traveler100bot51 k51 k    
(WV-de) ImportBot48 k 48 k    
The Anomebot232 k32 k    
Mjbmrbot21 k 1  21 k  
CarsracBot18 k3.9 k2.9 k1.4 k1.1 k2.0 k589501601.5 k2.7 k 241.1 k498 
SteveRBot15 k4.0 k1.7 k4961.2 k1.2 k6181.3 k1201.4 k1.7 k 21655958393 
TaxonBot14 k 14 k    
Addbot14 k6.3 k1.1 k1.6 k1.2 k191.8 k 2.0 k  118 353 
Stefan2bot12 k8.5 k1.3 k670196397 100246 158 
Atsirbot9.9 k 9.9 k    
RomaineBot8.8 k322.0 k1.4 k1.7 k 2.7 k 926 
VollBot8.7 k 7.8 k   919  
Inasbot8.6 k8.6 k    
MastiBot8.1 k  8.1 k   
Cheers!-bot6.3 k   6.3 k  
(WV-it) ImportBot5.1 k 5.1 k    
Dexbot4.0 k  3.1 k 929  
(WT-en) Tatatabot3.7 k3.7 k    
TexugoBot3.7 k  3.7 k   
Alebot3.5 k 3.5 k    
CivviBot~itwikivoyage3.3 k 3.3 k    
(WV-en) ImportBot2.9 k2.9 k    
RLutsBot2.4 k 770   1.6 k  
DekelEBot2.2 k  2.2 k   
Wim bot2.2 k 2.2 k    
(WT-nl) Tatatabot2.1 k  2.1 k  
RzuwigBot2.0 k  2.0 k   
JackBot1.8 k 206 1.4 k 190  3  
Alch Bot1.6 k  1.6 k   
(WT-fr) Tatatabot1.6 k 1.6 k   
(WT-sv) Tatatabot1.3 k   1.3 k 
TimBot1.3 k 1.3 k    
Innocent bot1.3 k   1.3 k 
TuanUt-Bot!1.2 k   1.2 k  
Allanbot1.2 k 1.2 k   
(WT-en) InterLangBot864864    
CommonsDelinker782632 150   
(WT-fr) DorganBot776 776   
Kolega2357-Bot772993117411242012983137 8108722 
(WV-de) IWBot729 729    
(WV-ru) ImportBot720 720    
(WT-de) InterLangBot680 680    
ToshkaBot665 665    
(WV-nl) ImportBot654  654  
SKbot628 628    
YiFeiBot611309 4 4  290 4 
(WV-fr) ImportBot608 608   
Strainubot577    577 
(WT-sv) DorganBot563   563 
(WT-ru) Tatatabot550 550    
(WT-nl) DorganBot537  537  
(WT-en) DiscoverBot513513    
AvicBot5064511 19 5 2 28 
RileyBot488441 2126   
(WV-sv) ImportBot458   458 
SamoaBot443165 277  1   
(WT-en) W66LinkBot388388    
(WT-en) Hotelmakerbot340340    
(WT-fr) InterLangBot335 335   
ErfgoedBot316 316    
(WT-en) DorganBot311311    
KoehlBot229   229 
FloBot199  199  
(WT-de) Landbot191 191    
(WV-de) RedirectBot182 182    

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Generated on Wednesday December 13, 2017 16:55 from recent database dump files.
Data processed up to Thursday November 30, 2017

Please note that the lengthy dump process (many weeks) means a delay in publishing these statistics is always to be expected.

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