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Saturday September 30, 2017
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  May 2016: The major overhaul of Wikistats reports has entered a new phase.  

  First phase focused on migrating the traffic analysis reports to our new infrastructure. Those are operational now.  
  The Analytics Team will now proceed to also migrate data collection and reporting about wiki content and contributors.  
  First results are expected later this year.  

  More info at this announcement
  You can see the first wireframes for Wikistats 2.0 and comment on the design here.


Wikivoyage sites

Column added: 'Months since 3 or more active editors'. Sort by duration of inactivity
12 out of 19 listed wikis were active (3+ active editors) in last month, 14 in last 3 months, 16 in last 12 months. See also activity charts.

Views/hrArtikelLast activeΣAll languagesSitus web  Tabel Grafik
?28.023Sep 2017enEnglishSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?16.019Sep 2017deGermanSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?4.843Sep 2017ruRussianSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?7.128Sep 2017itItalianSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?6.867Sep 2017frFrenchSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?2.394Sep 2017esSpanishSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?5.076Sep 2017plPolishSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?2.006Sep 2017heHebrewSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?3.601Sep 2017ptPortugueseSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?3.659Sep 2017nlDutchSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?2.146Sep 2017zhChineseSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?8.513Sep 2017faPersianSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?1.612Aug 2015viVietnameseSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?1.518Jul 2016svSwedishSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?634Jul 2017ukUkrainianSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?1.328Jul 2017elGreekSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
?883Aug 2016roRomanianSitus web Summary Tabel Grafik
Views/hrArtikelLast activeΣAll languagesSitus web  Tabel Grafik

Jika dihasilkan

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Statistik untuk WiktionarySummary
Statistik untuk WikinewsSummary
Statistik untuk WikipediaSummary
Statistik untuk WikiquoteSummary
Statistik untuk WikisourceSummary
Statistik untuk WikiversitiesSummary
Statistik untuk WikispecialSummary
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Aktivitas bot article editingTabel
Aktivitas bot article creationTabel
Wikivoyagers baruTabel
Wikivoyagers aktifTabel
Wikivoyagers sangat aktifTabel
Jumlah artikel (resmi)Tabel
Artikel baru per hariTabel
Suntingan per artikelTabel
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Wikivoyage sitess are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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