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Quinta-feira, 31 de agosto 2017
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  May 2016: The major overhaul of Wikistats reports has entered a new phase.  

  First phase focused on migrating the traffic analysis reports to our new infrastructure. Those are operational now.  
  The Analytics Team will now proceed to also migrate data collection and reporting about wiki content and contributors.  
  First results are expected later this year.  

  More info at this announcement
  You can see the first wireframes for Wikistats 2.0 and comment on the design here.


Wikivoyage sites

June 2017 !New! Column added: 'Months since 3 or more active editors'. Sort by duration of inactivity
12 out of 19 listed wikis were active (3+ active editors) in last month, 14 in last 3 months, 16 in last 12 months. See also activity charts.

Views/hrArtigosLast activeΣtodas as línguasSítio web  Tabelas Gráficos
?27.975Aug 2017eninglêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?15.977Aug 2017dealemãoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?4.734Aug 2017rurussoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?7.101Aug 2017ititalianoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?6.819Aug 2017frfrancêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?2.380Aug 2017esespanholSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?4.935Aug 2017plpolonêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?1.995Aug 2017hehebraicoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?2.055Aug 2017zhchinêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?3.655Aug 2017nlholandêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?3.594Aug 2017ptportuguêsSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?8.514Aug 2017fapersaSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?1.617Aug 2015vivietnamitaSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?1.328Jul 2017elgregoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?633Jul 2017ukucranianoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?1.518Jul 2016svsuecoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
?883Aug 2016roromenoSítio web Summary Tabelas Gráficos
Views/hrArtigosLast activeΣtodas as línguasSítio web  Tabelas Gráficos

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Category Overview per Wikipedia 
Top 100 articles ranked by archive size  by edit count 
Wikimedia growth 
Mailing list activity: All lists / Power posters 
Job progress: Database dumps / Data gathering 
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SumárioTabelas & Gráficos
Current statusTabelas
Bot activity article editingTabelas
Bot activity article creationTabelas
Novos wikivoyagersTabelas
Wikivoyagers ativosTabelas
Wikivoyagers muito ativosTabelas
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Wikipedias are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
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