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absolute count and percentage of world population

absolute count and percentage of country population
Monthly Page Edits
N/Sabsolute count and monthly Page Editss per internet usershare of global total

note:blue and red bars have different scale

All countries inWorld 7040 M100%2485 M35%1.4 M0.0005100% 
All countries inGlobal North 1296 M18.4%949 M73%901 K0.000966.2%
All countries inGlobal South 5744 M81.6%1536 M27%391 K0.000328.7%
All countries inAfrica 1072 M15.2%201 M19%27 K0.00012.0%
All countries inAsia 4234 M60.1%1216 M29%300 K0.000222.0%
All countries inEurope 738 M10.5%501 M68%482 K0.001035.4%
All countries inCentral-America 85 M1.2%23 M27%8 K0.00040.6%
All countries inNorth-America 471 M6.7%328 M70%314 K0.001023.1%
All countries inSouth-America 402 M5.7%192 M48%124 K0.00069.1%
All countries inOceania 38 M0.5%23 M61%37 K0.00162.7%
RemainderUnknown     1 K 0.07%
United States North-AmericaN317 M4.5%254 M80%242 K0.001017.8%
United Kingdom EuropeN64 M0.9%55 M86%104 K0.00197.6%
Germany EuropeN81 M1.1%68 M85%84 K0.00126.2%
IPv6 QPX.. ....68 K..5.0%
Italy EuropeN60 M0.8%36 M59%61 K0.00174.5%
Japan AsiaN127 M1.8%101 M79%59 K0.00064.3%
Canada North-AmericaN35 M0.5%30 M85%43 K0.00143.2%
Spain EuropeN47 M0.7%34 M73%42 K0.00123.1%
France EuropeN66 M0.9%54 M83%40 K0.00072.9%
India AsiaS1235 M17.5%152 M12%40 K0.00032.9%
South Korea AsiaN50 M0.7%41 M82%38 K0.00092.8%
Australia OceaniaN23 M0.3%18 M78%33 K0.00182.4%
Taiwan AsiaS23 M0.3%18 M76%30 K0.00172.2%
Mexico North-AmericaS118 M1.7%44 M37%29 K0.00072.1%
Argentina South-AmericaS40 M0.6%24 M59%28 K0.00122.1%
Brazil South-AmericaS201 M2.9%99 M49%27 K0.00032.0%
Netherlands EuropeN17 M0.2%16 M93%25 K0.00161.8%
Colombia South-AmericaS47 M0.7%22 M47%21 K0.00091.5%
Chile South-AmericaS17 M0.2%10 M63%18 K0.00171.3%
Hong Kong AsiaS7.2 M0.1%5.2 M73%17 K0.00331.2%
Malaysia AsiaS30 M0.4%19 M64%13 K0.00071.0%
Turkey AsiaS76 M1.1%36 M48%12 K0.00030.9%
Serbia EuropeN7.2 M0.1%3.5 M49%11 K0.00310.8%
Sweden EuropeN9.6 M0.1%8.6 M89%11 K0.00130.8%
Belgium EuropeN11 M0.2%8.6 M77%10 K0.00120.7%
Pakistan AsiaS184 M2.6%19 M10%10 K0.00050.7%
China AsiaS1360 M19.3%568 M42%10 K0.00000.7%
Peru South-AmericaS30 M0.4%11 M37%9 K0.00080.7%
Thailand AsiaS66 M0.9%18 M27%8 K0.00040.6%
Philippines AsiaS98 M1.4%38 M38%8 K0.00020.6%
Austria EuropeN8.5 M0.1%6.7 M79%8 K0.00120.6%
Finland EuropeN5.4 M0.08%4.8 M88%8 K0.00170.6%
Egypt AfricaS84 M1.2%37 M44%7 K0.00020.5%
Switzerland EuropeN8.1 M0.1%6.8 M84%7 K0.00100.5%
Saudi Arabia AsiaS29 M0.4%14 M49%7 K0.00050.5%
Israel AsiaS8.1 M0.1%5.6 M69%7 K0.00130.5%
Ukraine EuropeN45 M0.6%15 M33%7 K0.00050.5%
United Arab Emirates AsiaS8.3 M0.1%4.5 M55%7 K0.00150.5%
Uruguay South-AmericaS3.3 M0.05%1.8 M56%6 K0.00330.4%
Czech Republic EuropeN11 M0.1%7.6 M73%6 K0.00080.4%
Venezuela South-AmericaS29 M0.4%12 M43%6 K0.00050.4%
Portugal EuropeN11 M0.2%6.9 M65%6 K0.00090.4%
Norway EuropeN5.1 M0.07%4.5 M88%6 K0.00130.4%
Morocco AfricaS33 M0.5%18 M54%6 K0.00030.4%
Bangladesh AsiaS153 M2.2%10 M7%5 K0.00050.4%
Ecuador South-AmericaS16 M0.2%5.3 M34%5 K0.00090.4%
Iran AsiaS77 M1.1%21 M27%5 K0.00020.4%
Poland EuropeN39 M0.5%25 M65%5 K0.00020.4%
Indonesia AsiaS238 M3.4%38 M16%5 K0.00010.4%
Slovakia EuropeN5.4 M0.08%4.4 M81%4 K0.00090.3%
Bulgaria EuropeN7.3 M0.1%3.9 M53%4 K0.00100.3%
New Zealand OceaniaN4.5 M0.06%3.9 M87%4 K0.00100.3%
Hungary EuropeN9.9 M0.1%7.2 M72%4 K0.00060.3%
Greece EuropeN11 M0.2%6.0 M56%4 K0.00070.3%
Bolivia South-AmericaS10 M0.1%3.5 M35%3 K0.00090.2%
Iraq AsiaS35 M0.5%2.2 M6%3 K0.00140.2%
Bosnia and Herzegovina EuropeN3.8 M0.05%2.5 M66%3 K0.00120.2%
Jordan AsiaS6.5 M0.09%2.7 M41%3 K0.00110.2%
Albania EuropeN2.8 M0.04%1.6 M58%3 K0.00180.2%
Ireland EuropeN4.6 M0.07%3.7 M81%3 K0.00080.2%
Romania EuropeN20 M0.3%11 M54%3 K0.00030.2%
Puerto Rico Central-AmericaS3.7 M0.05%1.9 M52%2 K0.00110.1%
Slovenia EuropeN2.1 M0.03%1.4 M68%2 K0.00140.1%
Belarus EuropeN9.5 M0.1%4.5 M48%2 K0.00040.1%
Algeria AfricaS38 M0.5%5.7 M15%2 K0.00040.1%
Lithuania EuropeN3.0 M0.04%2.4 M81%2 K0.00080.1%
Kuwait AsiaS3.6 M0.05%2.1 M58%2 K0.00100.1%
Azerbaijan AsiaS9.2 M0.1%5.1 M56%2 K0.00040.1%
Tunisia AfricaS11 M0.2%4.4 M41%2 K0.00040.1%
Singapore AsiaS5.4 M0.08%4.0 M74%2 K0.00050.1%
Honduras Central-AmericaS8.4 M0.1%1.5 M18%2 K0.00130.1%
South Africa AfricaS53 M0.8%20 M38%2 K0.00010.1%
Denmark EuropeN5.6 M0.08%5.2 M92%1 K0.00020.07%
Armenia AsiaS3.0 M0.04%1.2 M38%1 K0.00090.07%
Mali AfricaS15 M0.2%336 K2%1 K0.00300.07%
Croatia EuropeN4.3 M0.06%2.8 M66%1 K0.00040.07%
Cyprus EuropeN862 K0.01%694 K81%1 K0.00140.07%
Jersey EuropeN98 K0.001%39 K40%1 K0.02570.07%
Turks and Caicos Islands Central-AmericaS31 K0.0004%..0%1 K..0.07%
Antigua and Barbuda Central-AmericaS86 K0.001%75 K86%1 K0.01340.07%
Trinidad and Tobago Central-AmericaS1.3 M0.02%730 K55%1 K0.00140.07%
Somalia AfricaS10 M0.1%139 K1%1 K0.00720.07%
Syria AsiaS22 M0.3%5.5 M25%1 K0.00020.07%
Malawi AfricaS16 M0.2%710 K4%1 K0.00140.07%
Curaçao Unknown151 K0.002%..0%1 K..0.07%
Sudan AfricaS38 M0.5%7.2 M19%1 K0.00010.07%
Paraguay South-AmericaS6.6 M0.09%1.8 M27%1 K0.00060.07%
Nicaragua Central-AmericaS6.1 M0.09%773 K13%1 K0.00130.07%
São Tomé and Príncipe AfricaS187 K0.003%40 K21%1 K0.02530.07%
Georgia AsiaS4.5 M0.06%2.1 M46%1 K0.00050.07%
Cambodia AsiaS15 M0.2%739 K5%1 K0.00140.07%
Estonia EuropeN1.3 M0.02%1.0 M78%1 K0.00100.07%
Vietnam AsiaS89 M1.3%36 M41%1 K0.00000.07%
Mauritius AfricaS1.3 M0.02%544 K43%1 K0.00180.07%
Nepal AsiaS26 M0.4%3.3 M13%1 K0.00030.07%
Nigeria AfricaS174 M2.5%56 M32%1 K0.00000.07%
Asia/Pacific Region Unspecified AsiaS.. ....1 K..0.07%
Malta EuropeN416 K0.006%287 K69%1 K0.00350.07%
Monaco EuropeN36 K0.0005%27 K73%1 K0.03770.07%
Zimbabwe AfricaS13 M0.2%2.2 M17%1 K0.00050.07%

Page edits by bots are not included. Also all ip addresses that occur more than once on a given day are discarded for that day.
A few false negatives are taken for granted. Country meta data collected from English Wikipedia (population, internet users)).

Errata: WMF traffic logging service suffered from server capacity problems in Aug/Sep/Oct 2011.
Absolute traffic counts for October 2011 are approximatly 7% too low.
Data loss only occurred during peak hours. It therefore may have had somewhat different impact for traffic from different parts of the world.
and may have also skewed relative figures like share of traffic per browser or operating system.

From mid September till late November squid log records for mobile traffic were in invalid format.
Data could be repaired for logs from mid October onwards. Older logs were no longer available.

In a an unrelated server outage precisely half of traffic to WMF mobile sites was not counted from Oct 16 - Nov 29 (one of two load-balanced servers did not report traffic).
WMF has since improved server monitoring, so that similar outages should be detected and fixed much faster from now on.

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