Wikimedia Report Card January 2010


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 Metric  Now 
 Yearly change 
01/09 ⇒ 01/10
 Monthly change 
12/09 ⇒ 01/10
Unique Visitors365 M+25.8% +5.1%1,2
Page Requests11.1 B -3.1% +6.4%3,4
Site Rank5th    +0 +0 5
Commons Files6.1 M+59.5% +6.5%6
Article Count29.7 M+34.7% +2.4%7
New Articles Per Day7.6 k -1.1% +3.4% 
Edits12.3 M +4.8% +9.0%8
New Editors19.3 k-12.4% +5.6%9
Active Editors98.6 k -1.4% +5.0%10
Very Active Editors12.5 k -1.1% +6.3% 
Repeated observations are grayed (experimental)
Unique Visitors
1: Yearly growth in UV's (26%) exceeds growth of total internet (21%).
2: Large monthly shifts in UV/Reach in 3rd world explained by comScore as seasonal influences:
    school vacations, and large festivals, religious (e.g. Ramadan) or otherwise (e.g. Carnival).
Page Requests
3: Trends measured by comScore and internal measurements diverge somewhat.
    Possible causes are under investigation.

4:Fastest rising large Wikipedia's in last 12 months:
    Vietnamese (87%), Ukranian (65%), Russian (45%), Indonesian (39%), Chinese (28%), Thai (23%)
    German decline (-32%) is atypical (caused by short massive spike year ago due after court decision)

Site Rank
5: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with 4th and 6th ranked properties are considerable.
Commons Files
6: Fastest riser (relatively speaking): ogg vorbis video, djvu (for scanned docs) also booming.
Article Count
7: 60% growth in Commons files in one year. Wiktionaries exploding through bots.
8: Monthly edits for all Wikipedia's combined remarkably stable between 10 and 12 million
    for 3 years now (as is the case for active and very active editors)
New Editors
9: Most mature Wikipedia's see least growth in editors. Largest influx: Russian / Commons

Experiment: logarithmic chart now uses two scales for widely divergent values.
This helps to remove clutter, but may need some getting used to.

Active Editors
10: Russian editor base still growing steeply: +30% editors in one year.
B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)