Wikimedia Report Card December 2010


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 Metric  Now 
 Yearly change 
12/09 ⇒ 12/10
 Monthly change 
11/10 ⇒ 12/10
Unique Visitors All395 M+14.0% -3.7%1
Page Requests All14.0 B+22.6% +2.4%2,3
Site Rank All5th    +0 +0 4
Binary Files Commons 8.0 M+43.1% +3.0%5
Article Count Wp 17.6 M+20.0% +1.5% 
New Articles Per Day Wp 8.6 k+16.5% +5.1% 
Edits Wp 11.6 M +3.6% +3.8%6
New Editors Wp 14.6 k-16.6% -2.5%7
Active Editors Wp 79.3 k -5.9% -0.5%8
Very Active Editors Wp 10.3 k -1.6% +0.1%8
Repeated observations below are grayed
Unique Visitors
1: Average for last 12 months 377M.
Page Requests
2: Mobile traffic in Dec: 4.1% of total Wikipedia traffic (556M/13489M)
3: Page requests have been normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc)
Site Rank
4: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with those ranked 4th and 6th are considerable.
Commons Files
5: Tiff uploads increased 5-fold in July 2010, 13-fold in last 12 months.
6: Over the last 3 years there is fairly consistent growth in manual, registered edits.
    Net growth in constructive edits is less clear, as this metric includes most reverting edits.
New Editors Per Day
7:WMF recently commissioned in depth study of editor activity trends, which is ongoing.
(Very) Active Editors
8: Since a few months editors on Commons are no longer included in overall editor total,
      on the assumption that most of these also edit on one or more other projects.
All = All projects, Wp = Wikipedia project   /   B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)