Wikimedia Report Card September 2010


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 Metric  Now 
 Yearly change 
09/09 ⇒ 09/10
 Monthly change 
8/10 ⇒ 09/10
Unique Visitors398 M+22.1% +6.6%1,2
Page Requests13.7 B+20.2% +5.4%3,4
Site Rank5th    +0 +0 5
Commons Files 7.5 M+48.2% +2.8%6,7
Article Count 16.7 M+20.7% +1.8%8
New Articles Per Day 7.6 k +3.9%-18.9% 
Edits 11.9 M +9.0% -3.3%9
New Editors 15.8 k-17.4%-10.5%10
Active Editors 82.5 k -5.6% -3.3%11,12
Very Active Editors 11.0 k -2.5% -3.4%11,12
Repeated observations are grayed
Unique Visitors
1: 398M UV's beats May 2010 record with 9M or 2.4%.
2: Growth in UV count in last 12 months 22% (for whole internet 10%).
Page Requests
3: Mobile traffic in Sep: 3.0% of total traffic (425M/14096M)
4: Page requests have been normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc)
Site Rank
5: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with those ranked 4th and 6th are considerable.
Commons Files
6: Tiff uploads increased 5-fold in July 2010, 18-fold in last 12 months.
7: Commons consistently fastest growing project, 48% in last 12 months.
Article Count
8: From Sep 2010 this metric is for Wikipedia projects only. This prevents adding apples and oranges.
9: Over the last 3 years there is fairly consistent growth in manual, registered edits.
    Net growth in constructive edits is less clear, as this metric includes most reverting edits.
New Editors Per Day
10: Signifant decline in last month (All projects: -10.5%, Wikipedias -11.2%).
    Arguably slowing influx of editors can partly be attributed to (multi-factorial) saturation process(es)
    But 19% drop for Wikipedias in half year (comparing 3-monthly averages) is not consistent with that.
    WMF recently commissioned in depth study of editor activity trends, which is ongoing.
(Very) Active Editors
11: Recent drops are well within normal bandwidth, largest drop was in June 2006.
12: Editors on Commons are no longer included in overall editor total,
      on the assumption that most of these also edit on one or more other projects.
       Detection of double counts between any projects and languages is planned for late 2010.
B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)