Wikimedia Report Card August 2010


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 Metric  Now 
 Yearly change 
08/09 ⇒ 08/10
 Monthly change 
7/10 ⇒ 08/10
Unique Visitors373 M+21.4% +3.7% 
Page Requests13.4 B+23.9% -1.0%1,2,3,4
Site Rank5th    +0 +0 5
Commons Files 7.3 M+48.1% +2.8%6
Article Count 35.0 M+30.0% +2.4% 
New Articles Per Day 9.4 k+22.4%+25.7%7
Edits 12.3 M +7.9%+15.4%8
New Editors 17.0 k-17.3% -1.1% 
Active Editors 85.6 k -5.2% +2.1%9,10
Very Active Editors 11.4 k -1.6% +5.0%9,10
Repeated observations are grayed
Page Requests
1: Mobile traffic in Sep: 2.9% of total traffic (425M/14724M)
    Look ahead for page requests: Aug -> Sep = 13367M -> 14724M = +10.1%
    Trend data for mobile will be added when more history is available.
2: Due to server problems counts from squid logs for December 2009 - March 2010 are too low,
    estimated underreporting 10%-25%. Counts for April - July 2010 have been patched. Read more.
3: Many projects show peak traffic late 2009: see chart
4: Page requests are now normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc)
Site Rank
5: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with those ranked 4th and 6th are considerable.
Commons Files
6: Tiff uploads increased 5-fold in July 2010, 22-fold in a year.
New Articles Per Day
7: Strong growth in August by peaks on 3 wikis: Catalan/Dutch 3-fold inc., Slovene 17-fold (bots?).
8: All time high for edit count, even slightly above May level.
    Strong one-monthly dip in July due to World Cup Socker?.
(Very) Active Editors
9: After a 6% drop in active Wikipedia editors in June, and a further 2% drop in July,
    trend is upwards again, with 2.5% increase in August.
    Prospects for September are good, with +10% growth in page requests
    (given strong correlation of 0.67 between page requests and active editors).
    From a wider perspective drops were stil within normal bandwidth, largest drop was in June 2006,
    see also similar chart with trend line since June 2008.
10: New: Editors on Commons are no longer included in overall editor total,
      on the assumption that most of these also edit on one or more other projects.
      Detection of double counts between any projects and languages is planned for late 2010.
B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)