Wikimedia Report Card April 2011


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Please keep in mind April has one day less than March, which can explain some of the changes.
Exception: page request counts are always normalized to 30 day months.
 Metric  Now 
 Yearly change 
04/10 ⇒ 04/11
 Monthly change 
3/11 ⇒ 04/11
Site Rank All5th    +0 +0 1
Reach All27.9    -2.9% -1.7%2
Unique Visitors All381 M +1.6% -4.8%3,4,5
Page Requests All14.6 B -3.7% -3.4%5,6,7,8,9
Binary Files Commons 10.1 M+56.0% +2.0%9
Article Count Wp 18.6 M+19.4% +1.3%10
New Articles Per Day Wp 9.6 k+12.9%+22.9% 
Edits Wp 11.6 M -3.5% -1.5% 
New Editors All 16.4 k-13.2% -7.9% 
Active Editors All 86.9 k -2.6% -3.1% 
Very Active Editors All 10.9 k -3.8% -3.3% 
Repeated observations below are grayed
Site Rank
1: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with those ranked 4th and 6th are considerable.
2: Change in reach in 3 years: (avg Feb-Apr 08 -> avg Feb-Apr 11) pp= percentage points:
    Europe +3pp (39%->42%), North-Am +5pp (34%->39%), Asia -6pp (20%->14%),
    India +11pp (19%->30%), other regions +/- 2.5pp
Unique Visitors
3: Average for last 12 months 391M.
4: India and Middle East show fastest growth in last 3 years
5: Unique visitors for last month as percentage of all time maximum per region:
    Europe 89%, North-Am 89%, Asia 87%, Latin-Am 95%, India 85%!, Middle East-Africa 92%
Page Requests
5: Mobile page requests is growing steadily: March 620M (4.1% of total)-> April 727 (5.0% of total)
6: Total file requests from mobile devices for all Wikimedia projects in March: 7.2%!
    See also Plot for both metrics.
7: Note: Requests from mobile devices to the non-mobile site, which are redirected to the mobile site
    are probably counted twice. Follow up requests from the mobile device via internal links
    are not affected. Number of double counts not yet known.
8: Page views for Chinese Wikipedia went from 52M in January to 163M in April.
    Unique visitors from China stayed low as usual, even dropped 6% from January to April.
    (Chinese community said year ago they had issues with Google ranking, maybe these were fixed?)
9: Page requests have been normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc)
Commons Files
9: 21% growth in Feb/Mar (8.2M -> 9.9M) due to a mass upload of Geograph images (Jan-Mar +1.7 M)
Article Count
10: Spanish Wikipedia consistently grows faster in number of articles than other large Wikipedias.
All = All projects, Wp = Wikipedia project   /   B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)