Wikimedia Report Card April 2011

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Sep 2011: The Report Card is undergoing a redesign as a more fully featured dashboard, see this prototype.
In the meantime this legacy report may still be updated occasionally. An update is planned for mid October.

381 million Unique Visitors for All Wikimedia Projects
Y 4/10⇒4/11 +1.6%
M 3/11⇒4/11 -4.8%
source: comScore ; UV = Unique Visitors in millions ; PR = Page Requests in billions    
14.6 billion Page Requests for All Wikimedia Projects
Y 4/10⇒4/11 -3.7%
M 3/11⇒4/11 -3.4%

Jan 2011: Page request count does now also include traffic to mobile Wikipedia site
Due to server problems page view counts from squid logs for December 2009 - March 2010 are too low, estimated underreporting 10%-25%
source: Squid logs ; see also wikistats report
view counts for all months have been normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc), this mainly shows in Jan⇒Feb and Feb⇒Mar
5th in rank Web Properties - Unique Visitors
Y 4/10⇒4/11 +0
M 3/11⇒4/11 +0

source: comScore ; UV = Unique Visitors in millions
10.1 million Binary Files
Y 4/10⇒4/11 +56.0%
M 3/11⇒4/11 +2.0%

source: Wikistats
18.6 million Wikipedia Articles
Y 4/10⇒4/11 +19.4%
M 3/11⇒4/11 +1.3%

source: Wikistats
Wikinews without Serbian (which is flooded by trivial bot updates)
9,568 New Wikipedia Articles Per Day
Y 4/10⇒4/11 +12.9%
M 3/11⇒4/11 +22.9%

source: Wikistats
16,405 New Editors Per Month for All Wikimedia Projects
Y 4/10⇒4/11 -13.2%
M 3/11⇒4/11 -7.9%

source: Wikistats / Registered users with 10+ edits since their registration
86,912 Active Wikimedia Editors for All Wikimedia Projects (5+ edits per month)
Y 4/10⇒4/11 -2.6%
M 3/11⇒4/11 -3.1%

source: Wikistats / Bots and anonymous (or logged out) editing excluded
 Aug 2010: Editors on Commons are no longer included in overall total, on the assumption that most also edit on one or more other projects.
 More precise detection of double counts between any projects and languages is planned for late 2010 (using Single User Login registration).

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