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Countries by population - English Wikipedia

Internet penetration (% of population) - English Wikipedia

Global North South - English Wikipedia

United States (15.1% share of global total)
English Wp933293.6%
Chinese Wp700.7%
Spanish Wp640.6%
Simple English Wp540.5%
French Wp530.5%
Russian Wp510.5%
Persian Wp370.4%
German Wp260.3%
Polish Wp200.2%
Indonesian Wp170.2%
Arabic Wp170.2%
Swedish Wp150.2%
Tagalog Wp150.2%
Hebrew Wp140.1%
Serbian Wp130.1%
Korean Wp120.1%
Portuguese Wp120.1%
Japanese Wp120.1%
Romanian Wp100.1%

Germany (7.4% share of global total)
German Wp405282.7%
English Wp4238.6%
Russian Wp551.1%
Spanish Wp390.8%
French Wp250.5%
Esperanto Wp220.4%
Italian Wp160.3%
Latin Wp150.3%
Arabic Wp140.3%
Polish Wp130.3%
Low Saxon Wp130.3%
Vietnamese Wp120.2%
Norwegian Wp120.2%
Turkish Wp110.2%
Hungarian Wp110.2%
Ukrainian Wp110.2%
Romanian Wp100.2%
Dutch Wp100.2%
Czech Wp90.2%
Alemannic Wp90.2%
Chinese Wp90.2%
Azeri Wp80.2%
Swedish Wp80.2%
Catalan Wp80.2%
Persian Wp80.2%
Afrikaans Wp70.1%
frr Wp70.1%
Zazaki Wp50.1%

France (6.2% share of global total)
French Wp364088.5%
English Wp2085.1%
Breton Wp270.7%
German Wp200.5%
Occitan Wp170.4%
Arabic Wp170.4%
Latin Wp150.4%
Vietnamese Wp140.3%
Italian Wp140.3%
Polish Wp140.3%
Spanish Wp140.3%
Esperanto Wp130.3%
Catalan Wp120.3%
Russian Wp80.2%
Bulgarian Wp80.2%
Chinese Wp70.2%
Albanian Wp60.1%
Kurdish Wp50.1%
Portuguese Wp50.1%
Dutch Wp50.1%
Romanian Wp40.1%
Swedish Wp40.1%
Greek Wp40.1%

United Kingdom (6.2% share of global total)
English Wp386193.9%
Simple English Wp250.6%
Arabic Wp200.5%
Italian Wp180.4%
French Wp170.4%
Chinese Wp170.4%
Polish Wp160.4%
German Wp160.4%
Spanish Wp130.3%
Russian Wp120.3%
Welsh Wp100.2%
Egyptian Arabic Wp60.1%
Scots Gaelic Wp60.1%
Turkish Wp50.1%
Georgian Wp50.1%
Portuguese Wp50.1%
Nynorsk Wp50.1%
Japanese Wp50.1%
Ido Wp40.1%

Italy (5.6% share of global total)
Italian Wp324387.3%
English Wp2807.5%
Latin Wp350.9%
German Wp290.8%
French Wp240.6%
Spanish Wp150.4%
Venetian Wp90.2%
Lombard Wp90.2%
Russian Wp80.2%
Piedmontese Wp70.2%
Dutch Wp60.2%
Bengali Wp50.1%
Arabic Wp50.1%
Greek Wp50.1%

Russia (5.2% share of global total)
Russian Wp307890.0%
English Wp1574.6%
Tatar Wp320.9%
Bashkir Wp190.6%
Italian Wp150.4%
Chechen Wp150.4%
German Wp120.4%
Ukrainian Wp100.3%
Sakha Wp80.2%
Esperanto Wp70.2%
vep Wp60.2%
Arabic Wp60.2%
Kazakh Wp60.2%
Spanish Wp50.1%
French Wp40.1%

Japan (4.3% share of global total)
Japanese Wp258591.1%
English Wp1505.3%
Chinese Wp170.6%
Korean Wp130.5%
Russian Wp120.4%
German Wp100.4%
Simple English Wp50.2%
Spanish Wp50.2%
French Wp50.2%
Indonesian Wp50.2%
Fiji Hindi Wp40.1%
Italian Wp40.1%
Persian Wp40.1%
Turkish Wp30.1%

Spain (3.4% share of global total)
Spanish Wp141362.4%
Catalan Wp36416.1%
English Wp1657.3%
Galician Wp1104.9%
Basque Wp411.8%
Italian Wp261.1%
French Wp180.8%
German Wp150.7%
Aragonese Wp140.6%
Esperanto Wp120.5%
Dutch Wp110.5%
Arabic Wp100.4%
Russian Wp90.4%
Romanian Wp80.4%
Occitan Wp70.3%
Asturian Wp50.2%
Thai Wp50.2%
Portuguese Wp40.2%
Latin Wp30.1%
Polish Wp30.1%
Serbian Wp30.1%

Canada (2.8% share of global total)
English Wp148480.3%
French Wp20411.0%
Chinese Wp341.8%
Arabic Wp150.8%
Russian Wp140.8%
Persian Wp120.6%
Portuguese Wp80.4%
Ukrainian Wp80.4%
Spanish Wp80.4%
Japanese Wp70.4%
Romanian Wp60.3%
Simple English Wp60.3%
German Wp60.3%
Greek Wp50.3%
Tagalog Wp40.2%
Shona Wp30.2%
Korean Wp20.1%
Classical Chinese Wp20.1%
Italian Wp20.1%
Albanian Wp20.1%
Esperanto Wp20.1%

Brazil (2.4% share of global total)
Portuguese Wp132482.8%
English Wp23114.4%
Spanish Wp130.8%
Italian Wp60.4%
French Wp40.2%
Latin Wp30.2%
Catalan Wp20.1%
Indonesian Wp20.1%
German Wp20.1%
Japanese Wp20.1%
Dutch Wp20.1%

India (2.3% share of global total)
English Wp121478.7%
Malayalam Wp754.9%
Tamil Wp533.4%
Telugu Wp533.4%
Hindi Wp312.0%
Marathi Wp191.2%
Punjabi Wp151.0%
Gujarati Wp120.8%
Kannada Wp110.7%
Assamese Wp100.6%
Sanskrit Wp80.5%
Oriya Wp70.5%
Dutch Wp50.3%
Simple English Wp30.2%
Persian Wp30.2%
French Wp30.2%
Urdu Wp30.2%
Bengali Wp30.2%
Korean Wp20.1%
Chinese Wp20.1%
Arabic Wp20.1%

Poland (2.1% share of global total)
Polish Wp119487.7%
English Wp1067.8%
Russian Wp141.0%
French Wp70.5%
Esperanto Wp60.4%
German Wp50.4%
Czech Wp40.3%
Italian Wp30.2%
Ukrainian Wp30.2%
Spanish Wp30.2%
Silesian Wp20.1%
Hungarian Wp20.1%
Cashubian Wp20.1%

Netherlands (1.9% share of global total)
Dutch Wp89770.0%
English Wp28522.2%
German Wp161.2%
Frisian Wp161.2%
French Wp151.2%
Spanish Wp70.5%
Limburgish Wp70.5%
Polish Wp60.5%
Zealandic Wp40.3%
Esperanto Wp40.3%
Bulgarian Wp30.2%
Russian Wp20.2%
Basque Wp20.2%
Dutch Low Saxon Wp20.2%
Indonesian Wp20.2%
Arabic Wp20.2%

Ukraine (1.8% share of global total)
Ukrainian Wp67055.3%
Russian Wp45137.2%
English Wp705.8%
rue Wp40.3%
Polish Wp20.2%
Arabic Wp20.2%

Australia (1.6% share of global total)
English Wp97091.1%
Chinese Wp353.3%
Simple English Wp80.8%
Tamil Wp70.7%
Swedish Wp60.6%
German Wp60.6%
Japanese Wp50.5%
Turkish Wp40.4%
French Wp40.4%
Irish Wp30.3%
Polish Wp20.2%
Croatian Wp20.2%

Sweden (1.3% share of global total)
Swedish Wp59168.8%
English Wp17620.5%
Danish Wp141.6%
Polish Wp141.6%
German Wp101.2%
Spanish Wp60.7%
Portuguese Wp50.6%
Norwegian Wp50.6%
Finnish Wp50.6%
Persian Wp40.5%
French Wp40.5%
Estonian Wp40.5%
Latin Wp30.3%
Ukrainian Wp30.3%
Russian Wp20.2%
Romanian Wp20.2%
Hungarian Wp20.2%
Somali Wp20.2%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Slovak Wp10.1%
Serbian Wp10.1%
Croatian Wp10.1%
Dutch Wp10.1%
Arabic Wp10.1%
Kazakh Wp10.1%

South Korea (1.3% share of global total)
Korean Wp75488.1%
English Wp789.1%
Japanese Wp91.1%
German Wp40.5%
Russian Wp20.2%
Spanish Wp20.2%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Basque Wp10.1%
Italian Wp10.1%
Polish Wp10.1%
Cebuano Wp10.1%
French Wp10.1%
Arabic Wp10.1%

Taiwan (1.2% share of global total)
Chinese Wp70991.0%
English Wp344.4%
Japanese Wp222.8%
Korean Wp40.5%
Min Nan Wp30.4%
French Wp30.4%
Vietnamese Wp10.1%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Polish Wp10.1%
Spanish Wp10.1%

Argentina (1.1% share of global total)
Spanish Wp61888.0%
English Wp7310.4%
Portuguese Wp40.6%
Russian Wp10.1%
Interlingua Wp10.1%
Romanian Wp10.1%
Malayalam Wp10.1%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Aragonese Wp10.1%
Chinese Wp10.1%

Belgium (1.1% share of global total)
Dutch Wp30843.9%
French Wp24935.5%
English Wp8412.0%
Luxembourgish Wp121.7%
Turkish Wp60.9%
German Wp60.9%
Esperanto Wp60.9%
Russian Wp50.7%
Spanish Wp50.7%
West Flemish Wp30.4%
Afrikaans Wp20.3%
Finnish Wp20.3%
Breton Wp10.1%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Czech Wp10.1%
Icelandic Wp10.1%
Latin Wp10.1%
Italian Wp10.1%
Polish Wp10.1%
Slovak Wp10.1%
Portuguese Wp10.1%
Serbo-Croatian Wp10.1%
Croatian Wp10.1%
Chinese Wp10.1%
Greek Wp10.1%

Israel (1.1% share of global total)
Hebrew Wp48669.9%
English Wp12518.0%
Russian Wp557.9%
French Wp60.9%
Arabic Wp50.7%
Romanian Wp20.3%
Polish Wp20.3%
Spanish Wp20.3%
Dutch Wp20.3%
Simple English Wp10.1%
Czech Wp10.1%
Bulgarian Wp10.1%
Catalan Wp10.1%
Ladino Wp10.1%
Serbian Wp10.1%
German Wp10.1%
Alemannic Wp10.1%
Yiddish Wp10.1%
Slovene Wp10.1%

Mexico (1.0% share of global total)
Spanish Wp55585.1%
English Wp8112.4%
Catalan Wp50.8%
Interlingua Wp20.3%
Portuguese Wp20.3%
Russian Wp10.2%
Nahuatl Wp10.2%
Italian Wp10.2%
French Wp10.2%
German Wp10.2%
Dutch Wp10.2%
Greek Wp10.2%

Turkey (1.0% share of global total)
Turkish Wp49776.9%
English Wp10616.4%
Azeri Wp152.3%
French Wp91.4%
Persian Wp20.3%
German Wp20.3%
Arabic Wp20.3%
Turkmen Wp20.3%
Russian Wp10.2%
Romanian Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Pashto Wp10.2%
Ukrainian Wp10.2%
Spanish Wp10.2%
Norwegian Wp10.2%
Croatian Wp10.2%
Chinese Wp10.2%
Dutch Wp10.2%
Zazaki Wp10.2%

Hong Kong (0.9% share of global total)
Chinese Wp45376.0%
English Wp11018.5%
Cantonese Wp183.0%
Japanese Wp50.8%
German Wp20.3%
Galician Wp10.2%
Tamil Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Hakka Wp10.2%
Classical Chinese Wp10.2%
Spanish Wp10.2%
French Wp10.2%
Finnish Wp10.2%

Czech Republic (0.9% share of global total)
Czech Wp48785.0%
English Wp539.2%
Slovak Wp71.2%
German Wp50.9%
Russian Wp40.7%
French Wp40.7%
Polish Wp20.3%
Esperanto Wp20.3%
Italian Wp10.2%
Hungarian Wp10.2%
Persian Wp10.2%
Scots Wp10.2%
Spanish Wp10.2%
Urdu Wp10.2%
Chechen Wp10.2%
Dutch Wp10.2%
Greek Wp10.2%

Hungary (0.8% share of global total)
Hungarian Wp47184.3%
English Wp7112.7%
Esperanto Wp61.1%
Italian Wp30.5%
Spanish Wp20.4%
German Wp20.4%
Azeri Wp10.2%
Cebuano Wp10.2%
Finnish Wp10.2%
Japanese Wp10.2%

China (0.8% share of global total)
Chinese Wp37667.5%
English Wp12221.9%
Japanese Wp162.9%
German Wp81.4%
Russian Wp61.1%
Korean Wp61.1%
Tibetan Wp40.7%
Cantonese Wp30.5%
French Wp30.5%
Dutch Wp30.5%
Vietnamese Wp20.4%
Italian Wp20.4%
Portuguese Wp20.4%
Classical Chinese Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
Spanish Wp10.2%
Gan Wp10.2%

Norway (0.8% share of global total)
Norwegian Wp35765.0%
English Wp11220.4%
Nynorsk Wp366.6%
Swedish Wp122.2%
Russian Wp40.7%
Tamil Wp40.7%
Arabic Wp40.7%
Danish Wp30.5%
French Wp30.5%
German Wp30.5%
Northern Sami Wp20.4%
Kurdish Wp10.2%
Azeri Wp10.2%
Italian Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
Somali Wp10.2%
Finnish Wp10.2%
Lithuanian Wp10.2%
Samogitian Wp10.2%
Dutch Wp10.2%

Finland (0.8% share of global total)
Finnish Wp42278.1%
English Wp7714.3%
Swedish Wp163.0%
Russian Wp91.7%
Czech Wp30.6%
Spanish Wp20.4%
German Wp20.4%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Latin Wp10.2%
Min Nan Wp10.2%
Ukrainian Wp10.2%
Portuguese Wp10.2%
Ido Wp10.2%
Somali Wp10.2%
Estonian Wp10.2%
Japanese Wp10.2%

Indonesia (0.8% share of global total)
Indonesian Wp31160.4%
English Wp15730.5%
Javanese Wp183.5%
Malay Wp61.2%
Minangkabau Wp61.2%
Sundanese Wp30.6%
French Wp20.4%
Banyumasan Wp20.4%
Chinese Wp20.4%
Russian Wp10.2%
Azeri Wp10.2%
Korean Wp10.2%
Italian Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
Belarusian Wp10.2%
Japanese Wp10.2%
Acehnese Wp10.2%

Switzerland (0.7% share of global total)
German Wp20142.7%
English Wp8117.2%
French Wp7816.6%
Italian Wp245.1%
Latin Wp194.0%
Esperanto Wp81.7%
Spanish Wp71.5%
Portuguese Wp61.3%
Ukrainian Wp51.1%
Turkish Wp40.8%
Swedish Wp40.8%
Alemannic Wp40.8%
Dutch Wp30.6%
Russian Wp20.4%
Malayalam Wp20.4%
Sicilian Wp20.4%
Polish Wp20.4%
Chinese Wp20.4%
Neapolitan Wp20.4%
Kazakh Wp20.4%
Azeri Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Uzbek Wp10.2%
Czech Wp10.2%
Occitan Wp10.2%
Bulgarian Wp10.2%
Persian Wp10.2%
Hindi Wp10.2%
Norwegian Wp10.2%
Finnish Wp10.2%
Waray-Waray Wp10.2%
Japanese Wp10.2%
Romansh Wp10.2%

Chile (0.7% share of global total)
Spanish Wp40889.7%
English Wp419.0%
French Wp20.4%
Italian Wp10.2%
Portuguese Wp10.2%
Scots Wp10.2%
Dutch Wp10.2%

Iran (0.7% share of global total)
Persian Wp33876.3%
English Wp8719.6%
Sorani Wp71.6%
Arabic Wp30.7%
Azeri Wp20.5%
Kurdish Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Gilaki Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
French Wp10.2%
German Wp10.2%

Colombia (0.6% share of global total)
Spanish Wp35884.8%
English Wp5312.6%
Interlingua Wp10.2%
Korean Wp10.2%
Swedish Wp10.2%
Italian Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
Portuguese Wp10.2%
Norwegian Wp10.2%
French Wp10.2%
Finnish Wp10.2%
Esperanto Wp10.2%
Greek Wp10.2%

Greece (0.6% share of global total)
Greek Wp27465.4%
English Wp12229.1%
Turkish Wp61.4%
Russian Wp30.7%
Italian Wp30.7%
German Wp30.7%
Yoruba Wp20.5%
French Wp20.5%
Romanian Wp10.2%
Korean Wp10.2%
Polish Wp10.2%
Arabic Wp10.2%

Thailand (0.6% share of global total)
Thai Wp29871.8%
English Wp9322.4%
Chinese Wp71.7%
Burmese Wp30.7%
Vietnamese Wp30.7%
Japanese Wp30.7%
Portuguese Wp20.5%
French Wp20.5%
Russian Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Italian Wp10.2%
Catalan Wp10.2%

Philippines (0.6% share of global total)
English Wp36788.4%
Tagalog Wp153.6%
Latin Wp41.0%
Spanish Wp41.0%
Chavacano Wp30.7%
French Wp30.7%
Waray-Waray Wp30.7%
Malayalam Wp20.5%
Malay Wp20.5%
Cebuano Wp20.5%
Central Bicolano Wp20.5%
Chinese Wp20.5%
Korean Wp10.2%
Simple English Wp10.2%
Bulgarian Wp10.2%
Indonesian Wp10.2%
German Wp10.2%
Japanese Wp10.2%

Austria (0.6% share of global total)
German Wp33985.0%
English Wp4110.3%
Bosnian Wp41.0%
Latin Wp30.8%
Hungarian Wp20.5%
French Wp20.5%
Turkish Wp10.3%
Russian Wp10.3%
Italian Wp10.3%
Persian Wp10.3%
Polish Wp10.3%
Ukrainian Wp10.3%
Serbian Wp10.3%
Esperanto Wp10.3%

Serbia (0.5% share of global total)
Serbian Wp20459.1%
English Wp10029.0%
Serbo-Croatian Wp247.0%
Hungarian Wp30.9%
Russian Wp20.6%
Albanian Wp20.6%
Romanian Wp10.3%
Simple English Wp10.3%
Czech Wp10.3%
Italian Wp10.3%
Ukrainian Wp10.3%
Croatian Wp10.3%
German Wp10.3%
Chinese Wp10.3%
Esperanto Wp10.3%
Greek Wp10.3%

Bulgaria (0.5% share of global total)
Bulgarian Wp26779.2%
English Wp5917.5%
Turkish Wp20.6%
Russian Wp20.6%
Spanish Wp20.6%
French Wp20.6%
Macedonian Wp20.6%
Romanian Wp10.3%

Portugal (0.5% share of global total)
Portuguese Wp18656.7%
English Wp9127.7%
Russian Wp206.1%
German Wp134.0%
Spanish Wp72.1%
French Wp51.5%
Romanian Wp20.6%
Polish Wp20.6%
Danish Wp10.3%
Serbian Wp10.3%

Malaysia (0.4% share of global total)
English Wp13345.9%
Malay Wp12041.4%
Chinese Wp155.2%
Tamil Wp51.7%
Persian Wp41.4%
Minangkabau Wp31.0%
Dutch Wp20.7%
Korean Wp10.3%
Simple English Wp10.3%
Italian Wp10.3%
Spanish Wp10.3%
Indonesian Wp10.3%
Tagalog Wp10.3%
Esperanto Wp10.3%
Arabic Wp10.3%

Ireland (0.4% share of global total)
English Wp25690.8%
Irish Wp93.2%
Polish Wp31.1%
Maltese Wp20.7%
Italian Wp20.7%
Spanish Wp20.7%
Manx Wp20.7%
Galician Wp10.4%
Slovak Wp10.4%
French Wp10.4%
Hebrew Wp10.4%
Dutch Wp10.4%
Greek Wp10.4%

Denmark (0.4% share of global total)
Danish Wp18669.7%
English Wp6223.2%
Russian Wp31.1%
Spanish Wp31.1%
Norwegian Wp31.1%
German Wp31.1%
Czech Wp20.7%
Swedish Wp10.4%
Italian Wp10.4%
Persian Wp10.4%
Polish Wp10.4%
Arabic Wp10.4%

Romania (0.4% share of global total)
Romanian Wp12750.6%
English Wp9236.7%
Hungarian Wp156.0%
Esperanto Wp114.4%
French Wp20.8%
Azeri Wp10.4%
Pashto Wp10.4%
Italian Wp10.4%
Spanish Wp10.4%

Vietnam (0.4% share of global total)
Vietnamese Wp20386.0%
English Wp2912.3%
French Wp20.8%
Indonesian Wp10.4%
Chinese Wp10.4%

Peru (0.4% share of global total)
Spanish Wp20587.2%
English Wp2611.1%
Uzbek Wp10.4%
Quechua Wp10.4%
French Wp10.4%
Dutch Wp10.4%

New Zealand (0.3% share of global total)
English Wp19489.4%
Macedonian Wp83.7%
Hakka Wp31.4%
Chinese Wp31.4%
Anglo-Saxon Wp20.9%
Czech Wp20.9%
Catalan Wp20.9%
Korean Wp10.5%
Simple English Wp10.5%
German Wp10.5%

Saudi Arabia (0.3% share of global total)
Arabic Wp12359.1%
English Wp4320.7%
Malayalam Wp2311.1%
Urdu Wp104.8%
Kurdish Wp21.0%
Tamil Wp21.0%
Egyptian Arabic Wp10.5%
Portuguese Wp10.5%
French Wp10.5%
German Wp10.5%
Dutch Wp10.5%

Egypt (0.3% share of global total)
Arabic Wp13472.8%
English Wp3820.7%
Irish Wp63.3%
Egyptian Arabic Wp42.2%
Malay Wp10.5%
German Wp10.5%

Estonia (0.3% share of global total)
Estonian Wp14177.0%
English Wp168.7%
Russian Wp137.1%
Danish Wp73.8%
Voro Wp31.6%
German Wp21.1%
Dutch Wp10.5%

Croatia (0.3% share of global total)
Croatian Wp8246.1%
English Wp5229.2%
Serbo-Croatian Wp2715.2%
Spanish Wp52.8%
French Wp42.2%
Bosnian Wp31.7%
Serbian Wp31.7%
Russian Wp10.6%
test2 Wp10.6%

Pakistan (0.3% share of global total)
English Wp15989.3%
Urdu Wp116.2%
Western Panjabi Wp52.8%
Simple English Wp10.6%
Persian Wp10.6%
Japanese Wp10.6%

Belarus (0.3% share of global total)
Russian Wp11565.0%
Belarusian Wp4424.9%
English Wp84.5%
Belarusian Wp74.0%
Romanian Wp10.6%
Ukrainian Wp10.6%
Norwegian Wp10.6%

Venezuela (0.3% share of global total)
Spanish Wp15285.9%
English Wp2313.0%
Italian Wp10.6%
Ladino Wp10.6%

Azerbaijan (0.3% share of global total)
Azeri Wp10261.1%
Russian Wp3521.0%
English Wp95.4%
Turkish Wp84.8%
Nynorsk Wp74.2%
lez Wp31.8%
Persian Wp10.6%
Bashkir Wp10.6%
Mongolian Wp10.6%

Kazakhstan (0.2% share of global total)
Russian Wp10867.9%
Kazakh Wp3421.4%
English Wp106.3%
French Wp31.9%
Uzbek Wp21.3%
Turkish Wp10.6%
Dutch Wp10.6%

Uruguay (0.2% share of global total)
Spanish Wp11874.7%
English Wp3824.1%
Italian Wp10.6%
German Wp10.6%

Slovakia (0.2% share of global total)
Slovak Wp10369.6%
English Wp1711.5%
Czech Wp85.4%
Hungarian Wp85.4%
Ukrainian Wp74.7%
Russian Wp21.4%
Italian Wp10.7%
Polish Wp10.7%
French Wp10.7%

Slovenia (0.2% share of global total)
Slovene Wp7056.5%
English Wp4737.9%
Czech Wp21.6%
German Wp21.6%
Turkish Wp10.8%
Russian Wp10.8%
Spanish Wp10.8%

South Africa (0.2% share of global total)
English Wp8065.0%
Afrikaans Wp3024.4%
Spanish Wp32.4%
Punjabi Wp32.4%
Italian Wp21.6%
Somali Wp21.6%
French Wp10.8%
Shona Wp10.8%
Dutch Wp10.8%

Latvia (0.2% share of global total)
Latvian Wp6452.0%
Russian Wp3528.5%
English Wp2217.9%
Bosnian Wp10.8%
Greek Wp10.8%

Lithuania (0.2% share of global total)
Lithuanian Wp8070.2%
English Wp1714.9%
Russian Wp1412.3%
French Wp10.9%
Samogitian Wp10.9%
Esperanto Wp10.9%

Georgia (0.2% share of global total)
Georgian Wp7267.3%
English Wp1514.0%
Russian Wp98.4%
xmf Wp65.6%
Lithuanian Wp32.8%
Turkish Wp10.9%
Dutch Wp10.9%

Singapore (0.2% share of global total)
English Wp8782.9%
Chinese Wp109.5%
Simple English Wp21.9%
Malay Wp21.9%
Latin Wp11.0%
Ukrainian Wp11.0%
French Wp11.0%
Slovene Wp11.0%

Bosnia and Herzegovina (0.1% share of global total)
English Wp3132.3%
Bosnian Wp2020.8%
Serbian Wp2020.8%
Croatian Wp1515.6%
Serbo-Croatian Wp77.3%
French Wp11.0%
Macedonian Wp11.0%
German Wp11.0%

Armenia (0.1% share of global total)
Armenian Wp7578.9%
Russian Wp1010.5%
English Wp99.5%
French Wp11.1%

Bangladesh (0.1% share of global total)
English Wp6065.9%
Bengali Wp2830.8%
Korean Wp22.2%
Malay Wp11.1%

Ecuador (0.1% share of global total)
Spanish Wp6977.5%
English Wp1213.5%
Italian Wp44.5%
French Wp22.2%
Basque Wp11.1%
Portuguese Wp11.1%

United Arab Emirates (0.1% share of global total)
English Wp5562.5%
Arabic Wp1719.3%
Malayalam Wp66.8%
German Wp33.4%
Tamil Wp22.3%
Czech Wp22.3%
Russian Wp11.1%
Persian Wp11.1%
Spanish Wp11.1%

Macedonia (0.1% share of global total)
Macedonian Wp5262.7%
English Wp2833.7%
Bulgarian Wp22.4%
Serbian Wp11.2%

Algeria (0.1% share of global total)
Arabic Wp3551.5%
French Wp2232.4%
English Wp913.2%
Egyptian Arabic Wp11.5%
Kabyle Wp11.5%

Sri Lanka (0.10% share of global total)
English Wp3655.4%
Sinhala Wp2233.8%
Tamil Wp69.2%
Russian Wp11.5%

Morocco (0.10% share of global total)
French Wp3148.4%
Arabic Wp2132.8%
English Wp69.4%
Hungarian Wp46.2%
Turkish Wp11.6%
Walloon Wp11.6%

Costa Rica (0.08% share of global total)
Spanish Wp3972.2%
English Wp1018.5%
Norwegian Wp23.7%
Simple English Wp11.9%
Persian Wp11.9%
French Wp11.9%

Kuwait (0.08% share of global total)
Arabic Wp2954.7%
English Wp1732.1%
Malayalam Wp611.3%
Russian Wp11.9%

Puerto Rico (0.07% share of global total)
English Wp3778.7%
Spanish Wp1021.3%

Europe Unspecified (0.07% share of global total)
Russian Wp1021.3%
German Wp817.0%
French Wp612.8%
English Wp612.8%
Ukrainian Wp48.5%
Swedish Wp36.4%
Italian Wp36.4%
Turkish Wp24.3%
Icelandic Wp12.1%
Norwegian Wp12.1%
Slovene Wp12.1%
Dutch Wp12.1%
Arabic Wp12.1%

Moldova (0.07% share of global total)
Russian Wp2451.1%
Romanian Wp1225.5%
English Wp1021.3%
German Wp12.1%

Albania (0.07% share of global total)
Albanian Wp2453.3%
English Wp1737.8%
Spanish Wp24.4%
French Wp12.2%
German Wp12.2%

Dominican Republic (0.07% share of global total)
Spanish Wp3786.0%
English Wp614.0%

Tunisia (0.06% share of global total)
French Wp2359.0%
Arabic Wp1230.8%
English Wp25.1%
Italian Wp12.6%
Chinese Wp12.6%

Paraguay (0.06% share of global total)
Spanish Wp3487.2%
English Wp410.3%
Guarani Wp12.6%

Macau (0.06% share of global total)
Chinese Wp3384.6%
English Wp512.8%
Classical Chinese Wp12.6%

Cyprus (0.06% share of global total)
English Wp2873.7%
Greek Wp1026.3%

Guatemala (0.06% share of global total)
Spanish Wp3183.8%
English Wp513.5%
Portuguese Wp12.7%

Qatar (0.06% share of global total)
English Wp2567.6%
Arabic Wp616.2%
Malayalam Wp410.8%
Persian Wp12.7%
Urdu Wp12.7%

Nepal (0.05% share of global total)
English Wp1955.9%
Nepali Wp720.6%
Nepal Bhasa Wp617.6%
French Wp12.9%
Chinese Wp12.9%

Iceland (0.05% share of global total)
English Wp1750.0%
Icelandic Wp1441.2%
Polish Wp12.9%
Spanish Wp12.9%
Esperanto Wp12.9%

El Salvador (0.05% share of global total)
Spanish Wp2781.8%
English Wp618.2%

Luxembourg (0.05% share of global total)
Luxembourgish Wp1442.4%
English Wp721.2%
French Wp39.1%
German Wp39.1%
Persian Wp26.1%
Latvian Wp26.1%
Spanish Wp13.0%
Finnish Wp13.0%

Palestine (0.05% share of global total)
Arabic Wp2681.2%
English Wp618.8%

Malta (0.04% share of global total)
Maltese Wp1655.2%
English Wp1137.9%
Czech Wp13.4%
Swedish Wp13.4%

Jordan (0.04% share of global total)
Arabic Wp2069.0%
English Wp827.6%
Egyptian Arabic Wp13.4%

Iraq (0.04% share of global total)
Arabic Wp1967.9%
English Wp621.4%
Sorani Wp27.1%
German Wp13.6%

Mongolia (0.04% share of global total)
Mongolian Wp2071.4%
English Wp725.0%
Urdu Wp13.6%

Honduras (0.04% share of global total)
Spanish Wp1976.0%
English Wp624.0%

Kyrgyzstan (0.04% share of global total)
Russian Wp1041.7%
Kirghiz Wp937.5%
English Wp312.5%
Uzbek Wp28.3%

Kenya (0.03% share of global total)
English Wp2191.3%
Kikuyu Wp14.3%
French Wp14.3%

Bolivia (0.03% share of global total)
Spanish Wp2191.3%
English Wp28.7%

Panama (0.03% share of global total)
Spanish Wp1466.7%
English Wp523.8%
Simple English Wp14.8%
Portuguese Wp14.8%

Lebanon (0.03% share of global total)
English Wp1050.0%
Arabic Wp630.0%
French Wp315.0%
Russian Wp15.0%

Cambodia (0.03% share of global total)
English Wp1263.2%
Khmer Wp526.3%
Russian Wp15.3%
Hungarian Wp15.3%

Yemen (0.03% share of global total)
Arabic Wp18100.0%

Faroe Islands (0.02% share of global total)
Faroese Wp960.0%
Danish Wp426.7%
English Wp213.3%

Montenegro (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp640.0%
Serbian Wp533.3%
Russian Wp16.7%
Albanian Wp16.7%
Serbo-Croatian Wp16.7%
Croatian Wp16.7%

Angola (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp1071.4%
Portuguese Wp321.4%
Arabic Wp17.1%

Ghana (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp14100.0%

Satellite Provider (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp1076.9%
Spanish Wp17.7%
Serbian Wp17.7%
Arabic Wp17.7%

Anonymous Proxy (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp866.7%
Russian Wp18.3%
Norwegian Wp18.3%
German Wp18.3%
Telugu Wp18.3%

Jersey (0.02% share of global total)
English Wp11100.0%

Uzbekistan (0.02% share of global total)
Russian Wp10100.0%

Nicaragua (0.02% share of global total)
Spanish Wp770.0%
English Wp330.0%

Share is the percentage of requesting ip addresses (out of the global total) which originated from this country
 Further percentages show per country share of page edits per Wikipedia visited

Countries are only included if the number of requests in the period exceeds 10,000 (10 matching records in 1:1000 sampled log)

Wikipedia's are only listed for some country if the share of visitors for that particular country exceeds 0.1%.

The second column displays the actual numbers of records found in the 1:1000 sampled log on which the percentage is based.
Multiply by 1000 for actual page edits over the whole period of 12 months.
If the number of records in the sampled log does not reach the (arbitrary) number of 5 per sampled month, the percentage is flagged dark red to extra emphasize high inaccuracy.

Page requests by bots are not included. Also all ip addresses that occur more than once on a given day are discarded for that day.
A few false negatives are taken for granted. Country meta data collected from English Wikipedia. Portal =

Errata: WMF traffic logging service suffered from server capacity problems in Aug/Sep/Oct 2011.
Absolute traffic counts for October 2011 are approximatly 7% too low.
Data loss only occurred during peak hours. It therefore may have had somewhat different impact for traffic from different parts of the world.
and may have also skewed relative figures like share of traffic per browser or operating system.

From mid September till late November squid log records for mobile traffic were in invalid format.
Data could be repaired for logs from mid October onwards. Older logs were no longer available.

In a an unrelated server outage precisely half of traffic to WMF mobile sites was not counted from Oct 16 - Nov 29 (one of two load-balanced servers did not report traffic).
WMF has since improved server monitoring, so that similar outages should be detected and fixed much faster from now on.

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