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  May 2016: The major overhaul of Wikistats reports has entered a new phase.  

  First phase focused on migrating the traffic analysis reports to our new infrastructure. Those are operational now.  
  The Analytics Team will now proceed to also migrate data collection and reporting about wiki content and contributors.  
  First results are expected later this year.  

  More info at this announcement
  You can see the first wireframes for Wikistats 2.0 and comment on the design here.



Views/hrArtikelΣAlle n (17)Website  Tabellen Diagramme
1071,454arArabischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
103318viVietnamesischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
1001,021nlNiederländischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
72991jaJapanischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
452,045idIndonesischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
341,657hrKroatischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
25504roRumänischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
231,005koKoreanischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
211,627thThailändischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
21594etEstnischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
18281beWeissrussischWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
16439laLateinWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
14266hiHindiWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
122,195eoEsperantoWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
4385knKannadaWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
424zh-min-nanMinnanWebsite Summary Tabellen Diagramme
Views/hrArtikelΣAlle n (17)Website  Tabellen Diagramme

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