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Tuesday January 31, 2017
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Views/hrArticlesΣAll languages (17)Web site  Tables Charts
1071,454arArabicWeb site Summary Tables Charts
103318viVietnameseWeb site Summary Tables Charts
1001,021nlDutchWeb site Summary Tables Charts
72991jaJapaneseWeb site Summary Tables Charts
452,045idIndonesianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
341,657hrCroatianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
25504roRomanianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
231,005koKoreanWeb site Summary Tables Charts
211,627thThaiWeb site Summary Tables Charts
21594etEstonianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
18281beBelarusianWeb site Summary Tables Charts
16439laLatinWeb site Summary Tables Charts
14266hiHindiWeb site Summary Tables Charts
122,195eoEsperantoWeb site Summary Tables Charts
4385knKannadaWeb site Summary Tables Charts
424zh-min-nanMin NanWeb site Summary Tables Charts
Views/hrArticlesΣAll languages (17)Web site  Tables Charts
Only Wikipedias which contain 10 or more articles and which received 10 or more edits in last month are listed above
Not included: af:Afrikaansals:Alemannic, am:Amharic, ang:Anglo-Saxon, ast:Asturian, az:Azeri, bg:Bulgarian,
bm:Bambara, br:Breton, bs:Bosnian, ca:Catalan, co:Corsican, cs:Czech, cy:Welsh,
da:Danish, de:German, el:Greek, en:English, es:Spanish, eu:Basque, fa:Persian,
fi:Finnish, fr:French, ga:Irish, gl:Galician, gu:Gujarati, he:Hebrew, hu:Hungarian,
hy:Armenian, is:Icelandic, it:Italian, ka:Georgian, kk:Kazakh, kr:Kanuri, ks:Kashmiri,
ku:Kurdish, kw:Cornish, ky:Kyrghyz, lb:Luxembourgish, li:Limburgish, lt:Lithuanian, ml:Malayalam,
mr:Marathi, nds:Low Saxon, nn:Nynorsk, no:Norwegian, pl:Polish, pt:Portuguese, qu:Quechua,
ru:Russian, sa:Sanskrit, simple:Simple English, sk:Slovak, sl:Slovene, sq:Albanian, sr:Serbian,
su:Sundanese, sv:Swedish, ta:Tamil, te:Telugu, tk:Turkmen, tr:Turkish, tt:Tatar,
ug:Uyghur, uk:Ukrainian, ur:Urdu, uz:Uzbek, vo:Volapük, wo:Wolof, za:Zhuang,
zh:Chinese, zh-min-nan:Min Nan,

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