Wikimedia Report Card July 2010


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 Yearly change 
07/09 ⇒ 07/10
 Monthly change 
6/10 ⇒ 07/10
Unique Visitors360 M+21.9% -5.0% 
Page Requests13.1 B+27.2% -6.0%1,2,3,4
Site Rank5th    +0 +0 5
Commons Files *7.1 M+49.1% +2.9%6
Article Count *34.2 M+29.9% +2% 
New Articles Per Day *7.6 k +4.2% -0.6%7
Edits *10.7 M -5.5% -9.8% 
New Editors *16.7 k-20.8% -5.6% 
Active Editors *90.6 k -5.9% -1.6%8,9
Very Active Editors *11.8 k -2.1% -1.8%9
Repeated observations are grayed
Page Requests
1: Due to server problems counts from squid logs for December 2009 - March 2010 are too low,
    estimated underreporting 10%-25%. Counts for April - July 2010 have been patched..
2: August : Mobile traffic (401M): 3.0% of total traffic (13367M)
    Trend data for mobile will be added when more history is available.
3: Many projects show peak traffic late 2009: see chart
4: Page requests are now normalized to 30 days (Jan*30/31, Feb*30/28, Mar*30/31, etc)
Site Rank
5: 5th position will be stable for long time: differences with those ranked 4th and 6th are considerable.
Commons Files
6: Tiff uploads increased 5-fold in July 2010, 25-fold in a year.
New Articles Per Day
7: Peak in April and May by massive activity on Aromanian and Waray-Waray Wp's, each by single user.
    In May 20% of all new articles were created on these two small wikis (April 7%, June 11%)
(Very) Active Editors
8: The 6% drop in active editors for all Wikipias in June was relatively large,
    but from a wider perspective still within normal bandwidth, largest drop was in June 2006.
    There might be a seasonal component in fluctuations.
9: Bug fix: in earlier RC editions editors from Commons (6k active editors) were counted double.
    This has been fixed for all months in this RC.
B = billion, M = million, k = thousand

Author Erik Zachte - mail: (nospam: ###=wikimedia)