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Saturday December 31, 2016

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Monthly trend in number of edits

Also shown is monthly trend for total reverts, for scale comparison

Chart shows absolute numbers (y axis scale shows number of edits relative (%) to busiest month)

Plot Edits   Plot Edits

Monthly trend in revert activity, relative to edit volume

Per x edits, were anonymous edits reverted more often than edits by bots or by registered users?

Chart shows ratio reverts:edits per class of editors (registered or anonymous users or bots).
Note: often peaks in revert ratio in early years are not so significant as in later years:
low absolute edit counts easily led to high fluctuations in revert ratio.

Plot Reverts   Plot Reverts

Revert ratio is ratio reverts:edits per class of editors (registered or anonymous users or bots).
Only reverts detected by sha1 matching are considered here, not (partial) manual reverts only detectable by edit comment.

Reverts is less than reverted edits! Sometimes several edits are undone with one revert.
Reverts broken down by number of reverted edits: 1 edit:73%, 2 edits:10%, 3 edits:5%, 4 edits:3%, 5 edits:2%, >5 edits:7%

When several revisions were reverted in one action, the oldest reverted revision determines editor class (and coloring):
is this a reverted user edit (reg/anon) or a reverted bot edit?

Distribution of reverts

Breakdown per namespace, type of reverted editor (registered or anonymous user or bot), type of reverter (same), was it a self revert or not, per time period.
Note: a high percentage in any segment can relate to a high absolute number of edits for that segment, or a high revert ratio, or both (please consult charts above for context)
.Projects pages are excluded due to enormous amount of false positives: some status pages are cleared often as normal process

 Distribution of reverts, each subdivision adds up to 100%
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
Articles78.0%Reg user23.4%Reg user67.4%Self63.6%
Anon user6.7%
Anon user63.6%Reg user64.6%
Anon user31.4%Self68.1%
Bot12.0%Reg user16.5%
Anon user0.0%
Unknown0.9%Reg User100.0%
Anon User0.0%
22.0%Reg user61.7%
Anon user29.0%
Unknown = comments mentions (partial) revert, but no sha1 match
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous
 Distribution of reverts, each percentage is share of total reverts
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
Articles78.0%Reg user18.3%Reg user12.3%Self7.8%
Anon user1.2%
Anon user49.6%Reg user32.1%
Anon user15.6%Self10.6%
Bot9.4%Reg user1.6%
Anon user0.0%
Unknown0.7%Reg User0.7%
Anon User0.0%
22.0%Reg user13.6%
Anon user6.4%
Unknown = comments mentions (partial) revert, but no sha1 match
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous
 Distribution of reverts, per year and type
 totals reverts per year

 Distribution of reverts, like table above, but percentages are share
 of sha1 detected reverts only, for article namespace only
Namespace(s)Reverted editorRevert bySelf revert
 Reg user23.7%Reg user15.9%Self10.1%
Anon user1.6%
Anon user64.2%Reg user41.5%
Anon user20.2%Self13.7%
Bot12.1%Reg user2.0%
Anon user0.0%
Reg = registered, Anon = anonymous

 Distribution of reverts, like table above, but percentages are
 share of sha1 detected reverts only, for article namespace only
 totals reverts per year

Top Rankings

 Most Active Reverters  Most Reverted Editors  Most Reverted Articles  Most Reverted Other Non-Project Pages 
# Rv User/Bot # Rv User/Bot # Rv Article # RvPage
125Atchernev62130.204.24.12524Начална страница29Template:Начална страница Нови страници
97ShadeOfGrey49AnankeBot23Български пословици и поговорки15Category:Филми
67Panzer42VanHelsing19Юлиан Вучков5Template:Тема
64130.204.24.12538ChtitBot17Венцеслав Константинов4User:BD2412
55VanHelsing29Atchernev13Апостол Апостолов3User talk:Panzer
43ChtitBot17Avicennasis13Латински пословици и поговорки3Template:Цитат
42SamoaBot15Alessia12Законите на Мърфи3User:Panzer
40Spiritia1391.134.64.4111Тодор Живков3Category:Боксьори
32Dexbot11Panzer9Живот — Живеене2MediaWiki:Sitenotice
23YiFeiBot10130.204.118.479Камелия2Category:Литературни произведения
21130.204.4.1129193.43.26.1028Мартина Балева2Category:Румънци
18Borislav977.85.220.1337Китайски пословици и поговорки2Category:Музика
17AnankeBot8Thomas7Иван Вазов2Category:Фотографи
10Avicennasis7EleferenBot7Афоризми — Цитати2User:Ivanov id
9MerlIwBot6130.204.4.1125Астрид Линдгрен2Category:Композитори
8Striker6Batman tas5Иван Костов2Category:Историци
8CvetanPetrov19406HaHa~bgwikiquote5Карлос Кастанеда2Category:Педагози
7Batman tas5213.240.196.2465Любов — Влюбеност — Обич2User:Atchernev
6Wutsje5Vaferboz5Симеон Сакскобургготски2Template:Автор
5Quake445LaaknorBot5Алберт Айнщайн2Category:Писатели и поети
4Phidelio583.148.72.1264Георги Първанов2Category:Хора
4EleferenBot5MerlIwBot4Тери Пратчет2User:Avicennasis/test
4Tegel585.130.2.1524Уинстън Чърчил2Help:Съдържание
4Sergey kudryavtsev4212.43.43.1704Монк2Talk:Български пословици и поговорки
4Thomas489.106.115.104Даниел Радклиф2User:Borislav
3ИнжИнера~bgwikiquote494.156.22.114Гепи1Category:Полски военни
383.148.107.1844Phidelio4Добромир Славчев1Category:Сериали
389.106.115.103130.204.120.324Алкохол — Пиянство — Алкохолизъм1Category:Астролози
3Matiia380.141.221.1224Салвадор Дали1Category:Пътешественици
3Innv3EVula4Хумор — Шега — Смях — Вицове — Анекдоти1Category:Дипломати
377.85.192.1343213.91.185.54Личност — Личностно развитие1Category:Филми от 1976 година
3Петър Петров370.69.132.1364Волен Сидеров1Category:Английски актьори и актриси
3Hosiryuhosi377.85.161.1934Приятели — Приятелство — Дружба1Category:Банкери и финансисти
370.69.132.1363109.121.215.1414Оскар Уайлд1Category:Босненци
3Uroboros380.141.224.744Литература — Поезия — Проза1Talk:Пътеводител на галактическия стопаджия (минисериал)
3Infovarius383.148.107.1843Алфонс дьо Ламартин1Category:Математици
2EVula3Frig12443Сергей Станишев1Category:ИнженериСократ1Category:Певци и певициХумористични поговорки1Category:ПоляциХелън Келър1Category:Египтяни
2Лорд Бъмбъри280.141.207.2393Лъжа — Измама1Category:Филми от 1960 година
2213.91.185.5289.161.87.1323Недостатъци — Пороци1Category:Български парламентаристи
2Rest2Apostoloff~bgwikiquote3Адолф Хитлер1Category:Лекоатлети
2KamikazeBot285.187.226.1383Компютри — Софтуер — Интернет1Category:Англичани
2Seraphita~bgwikiquote285.187.0.123Логика — Логичност1Category:Филми от 1972 година
2Woudloper280.141.220.93Фьодор Достоевски1Category:Шпионски филмиЕд%2C Едд и Едди1Category:Духовници и свещенициСвобода — Освобождение1Category:Чехи
2Mercy2Seraphita~bgwikiquote3Латински сентенции1Category:Италианци
Bot names are in dark red 
#Rv is revert actions, not reverted revisions (sometimes a revert action undoes several revisions).
Only reverts detected by sha1 match are considered here, not (partial) reverts only detectable via comments.
Projects pages are excluded due to enormous amount of false positives: some status pages are cleared often as normal process

Wikiquotes are ordered by hourly page views in recent days
Generated on Friday January 13, 2017 06:34 from recent database dump files.
Data processed up to Saturday December 31, 2016

Please note that the lengthy dump process (many weeks) means a delay in publishing these statistics is always to be expected.

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